24 September 2018

Your Beautiful Future ~ Lee Harris ~ 24 September 2018

Source: Lee Harris

You can look at this time as an enormous shift. You can look at this time as a storm. You can look at this time as very difficult. You can look at this time as very enlightening and connective. This time (like every other time in Earth's history) has a little of everything - but never before with such electricity or speed.

So here’s a quick checklist for this time you are in: disorientation - perfectly fine, exhaustion - perfectly fine, feeling overstimulated - perfectly fine. These things will come and go. You are not failing if this hits you at any moment in time - it is part of the shift.
However, we will put it this way: when you change some of your doings in accordance with this very new time you are in, you will find those overwhelming feelings will start to dissipate.

And for those of you that like to kick yourselves or be hard on yourselves, the last few sentences are not the reason for you to say to yourselves, “Oh no I am doing it again”. There is a perfect evolution and timing for when you change things in your life and there are many emotional and energetic reasons as to why you might stay stuck for a while.

Big Love Lee x

From my MP3 Your Beautiful Future: The Courage to Leap

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