20 October 2018


Space Observing System
Things look quiet today.....but somehow, I don't feel this quietness.....

Solar Wind ~ Space Weather Prediction Centre

Some undercurrent activity here, though ~ with a brief "break".


Veils, Dimensions, and Other Descriptors – The Council ~ via Ron Head ~ 19 October 2018

I hardly post information from Ron Head and The Council in recent times, but I will for this one.

Source: Ron Head

There are many misconceptions flying around in this landscape of conscious change you are in. You will wonder what is right, who is correct, who is wrong. This is just habit. You have been taught to think is this manner. The reality is that many attempts to explain states of higher consciousness have resulted in even more attempts made by those who, perhaps, have not experienced higher states of consciousness for themselves.

You listen raptly to the one who describes what she has seen, what he was told. Then you get confused by someone who tells you they were wrong, or tells you what they really meant. Then you try to think your way through the problem. Now you are really confused or you give up and accept someone else’s opinion.

We hope this short message will serve to answer several of the questions you have sent for us to address.

We will now make a series of statements that will appear, at first glance, not to be related. They are.

The ascension that you are fond of speaking of is a grand expansion of the , consciousness of humankind, as is The Event. Because of this, your world will change. It is, and can only be, a reflection of your consciousness.

Spiritual things, which is everything, can only be experienced and pointed to. All descriptions of them will fail. Why? Describe for a friend the smell of a rose. Describe the feeling of love. You can remember it. You can feel it. You cannot describe it. Still less can you describe something that another has not experienced at all.

Please read on....

Alaska Mission: DNA, Poles and Immortal Body of Light ~ Stephanie South ~ 19 October 2018

Another message about Light, like the previous one from Meg Benedicte.

I remember hearing from someone somewhere that the Aurora Borealis were interactions between our Sun and our crystalline Inner Sun.

Source: 13:20 Frequency Shift

Each human brain is a microcomputer with the
 same operating system as the Planet.
How to recognize this?
Balance Brain Hemispheres.
Shift self-identity from the 3D mind of limitation to
 5D Mind of Multidimensional Consciousness.
This is our Immortal Body of Light.
Light is the Medicine of the Future. 

These were key working themes on a recent trip to share the Law of Time in Fairbanks, Alaska with Dr. Jewel Pookrum’s advanced students in the School of Immortality. This was followed by a more public workshop in Anchorage during the Equinox.

Dr. Jewel, a trained medical doctor, teaches that the majority of disease is due to a chronic state of consciousness that originates and is exacerbated by living in the 12:60 machine frequency.

The remedy is to realign our thoughts and change our frequency in order that the chemistry of the blood stream can self-correct and our Immortal Genes can be activated.
Dr. Jewel runs Immortal Science courses for those who want to learn how to actualize their God self and live an immortal life. https://drjewelpookrum.net/about-dr-jewel/.

Journey Begins
We started our journey in Fairbanks as it is a good viewing place for the Northern lights. Fairbanks is 30 miles south of the town called North Pole, complete with Santa’s workshop.

Our core group all knew that this was a date with destiny and that Now is the Time to further unify our knowledge within the context of the New Time.

Our group intention was to assist in the upgrade of  planetary DNA and thus anchor and accelerate the shift into the New Beam of consciousness by embodying the 21st century human.

In preparation for our journey, the group had been studying Accessing Your Multidimensional Self along with Dr. Jewel’s brain balancing program, which utilizes sacred geometry to realign and balance the brain.

This program results in the heightened ability to focalize the mind and retain and cohere larger amounts of information. This prepares the mind to think in wholes and enter more non-conceptual states of consciousness. These are prerequisites in understanding how to operate the Holomind Perceiver (sixth sense).

Please read on....

Just Hours till Venus Global Activations! ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 19 October 2018

Source: Meg Benedicte

Can you feel the energy amplifying? Our planet is en route to multiple stargate activations in the coming months. During Stargate activations, diamond plasma light streams into your bioelectrical organism and blasts it with new code and consciousness. The key to rapid evolution is LIGHT! Your crystalline biology needs to feed on more LIGHT in order to activate soular circuitry.

Metabolizing LIGHT into DNA wave crystals awakens dormant templates and code linked to interdimensional living. How much LIGHT are you ingesting on a daily basis? As you drop density, increase your LIGHT consumption. The human brain utilizes a complex network of microtubules transmitting photon packets of “light consciousness‟ in a quantum field of order (coherence). Your ability to tap into LIGHT depends on the strength of your body’s superradiance, which enhances your brain’s reception of a wider-range of higher frequencies.

The celestial Stargates provide massive threshold transitions into higher consciousness realms. During peak Stargate infusions, carve out time to ground in nature, magnetize to the crystalline global grid, meditate and breathe in LIGHT, drop more density, and become a transmitter/receiver of crystalline LIGHT.

Humanity is evolving beyond the linear thinking mind and moving into multidimensional heart intuition, sensory communication and a balanced feminine/masculine zero point state. Rapid acceleration of your field spin momentum unlocks time compression and linearity, shifting into quantum no-time/all-time. By jumping out of the time hologram, you can slow down and reverse biological aging.

Step into the timeless Quantum Vortex and accelerate rapid evolution. Breathe in celestial LIGHT. Increase your body’s superradiance, transform your personal and planetary reality.

Join other Gridworkers, Gatekeepers, and Star Beings from all around the world, as we form a ‘group mind’ and create our New Earth. In just a few hours we will go ‘Live’ with global activations. The show is recorded for replay. 

If you would like to participate, you can register here: https://newearthcentral.com/?p=206962

Lovingly, Meg
Copyright (c) 2018 Meg Benedicte 
* All Rights Reserved * 
You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.

Our Spirit Guides' Plan.....

Thank you for this, MetaStar Tara.

19 October 2018

Staying True ~ Marco Lopor ~ 19 October 2018

Source: Marco Lopor

Do not let other people's opinions to silent your inner Voice.
Do not let circumstances of life to kill your inner Light.
Do not let grief, suffering and pain to close your Heart forever.
Do not let your Ego to control your Mind.

When you follow your intuition no matter what and you are Truthful to your path without hesitation, then you are able to open a portal with the Spiritual Realm.

You can never feel powerless because the Veil with the invisible world becomes so thin that you can see through and you know you are never alone.

Standing strong in integrity, the more you open your Heart to the wonder of your multidimensional essence the more your Light Body becomes Powerful and Sealed.

Tsunami Elements Carry the Load for Humanity ~ Gaia Portal ~ 19 October 2018

The "silent partners" bit bodes well. Maybe it's because I don't understand the actual meaning, but I find the "salivary effects" part quite amusing.

Source: Gaia Portal

Tsunami elements carry the load for humanity.
Eliminations of silent partners is complete.
Salivary effects are pronounced, as depths are reached.
Farsights are called in for Light support.

Aluna Ash Update ~ 18 October 2018

Source: Aluna Ash

There is strong pineal gland & thyroid stimulation taking place currently & over the next week up until October 28th

These activations that are taking place are causing the neurons within the body to become a conscious. The endocrine system and the central nervous system work together in integrating these light codes that are coming in through the highly charged plasma waves and number synchronicity transmissions through the unconscious imprinting, this is how the Light Body Ascension process is integrated through the 3D physical avatar/body.

The symptoms that could be felt more than others over this next week are changes in appetite or digestion, headache/feeling conjested, ringing/leaking ears, skin issues, changes in sleep.

Laura Eisenhower Update ~ 19 October 2012

There's that mention of "Black Sun" again. Remembering what Cobra said (from here),
The Chimera group worships the Black Sun, which is their symbol for the Galactic Central Sun.
The Galactic Centre, our Galactic Sun ~ the Black Sun ~ is also called the Black Hole. It is the womb of Creation for this Galaxy. (This is to assuage those who wrote in about the term "Black Sun".)

I like this message from Laura Eisenhower. We really need this reminder.

Source: Laura Eisenhower

I wrote this in 2012 ~

In a sense, we have been raised by a Step-parent, not our true original Primordial Parents.

It is important that we don't blame our Ancestors who may have been swept up into their web, handing down their authority, programmings, belief systems, wounds or patterns, that fall short of what is really out there and what they have suppressed or silenced.

The voice of the Organic Creation struggles to whisper through the veil and into our Hearts.

If we blame anyone, then we are in separation and not in the Unified field and we are also owning what has been passed down and encouraged - which is all set up to keep us conquered and divided and stagnant.

Waking up begins with finding our True parents united in a Cosmic Dance and discovering that we were taken away by a jealous group of beings who knows our destiny and who wish to rob us of our inheritance and birthright, so that it can be their power and we can be their servants.

They are divorced from the Mother and have cast her away so we are raised by them and their modeling of an elitist mentality that creates imbalance, destruction, injustices, victims or agents of their dark ways.

This is a group who has spread their influence into the fabric of society, infiltrating where we might remember our true nature, so that we would never know that we were adopted, or taken in by this other force; a Step-parent that wishes to control us, who doesn't really love us, and wants us to forget and never know our Divine Nature, our real parents or our origins.

Some never let go of their true origins, but many did.

Now many are saying goodbye and calling back their power and remembrance of who they truly are.

Our Divine Mother seeded us with a blueprint of Sacred Union, that the Divine Masculine and Feminine represent in a double helix spiral, fully activated into Zero Point energy.

In Nature, the memories begin to stir and in Stillness one can start to recall, as the inner spark becomes illuminated, kundalini rising and the inner voice leads one into the depths of Soul, where Truth lives in connection to the Cosmic Dance and the Black Sun Mother Womb Portal into Infinite Love.

Now with all the damage they have done - they are afraid of her. The Creator and Destroyer and the Mother of All.

If we begin to awaken to her within, we will rise into our power and achieve victory - so great measures have been taken to keep this from happening.

All we need to do is remember what we are made of and where we are really from and then say goodbye to anything else that has ever stood in the way!

Take the risk and find and embody your true Home, be willing to say goodbye to the old...

The Light Body ~ Marco Lopor ~ 18 October 2018

Marco Lopor mentions "Victory of the Light"....

Source: Marco Lopor

The Light Body has almost completed the total integration with the physical body, there are just some parts still that are adjusting and you can feel randomly in some points electric impulses always connected to a constant flow that goes from the solar plexus to the center of the brain.

Sometimes, when there is something blocking the connection of these electric impulses to the flow and the fire is so strong to burn the blockage, then you feel like a bubble that forces to give passage to the flow and the head is reached much faster with a consequent blissful sensation.

Every day you are more able to control your reactions, you become like a spectator, an observer that is not involved in any of the daily 3D activities, everything just happens effortlessly, you are One with the flow and nothing can bother you.

You are now a magician, a master of the Matrix, from your 5D vision is simple to create new timelines and to guide the outcome of the daily activities without forcing anything, it Just goes as you Wish always, everything you need just comes to you.

Keep rising Pioneers of the 144.000 ! Victory of the Light !

Trilliums: A Hathor Planetary Message through Tom Kenyon ~ 18 October 2018

Source: Tom Kenyon

In this message we wish to share with you a simple but highly effective method for accessing the quantum potentials of your body. This technique allows you to draw upon life-enhancing subtle energies from other dimensions of consciousness.


Trilliums are quantum field-effects that are created whenever two subatomic particles join together.

As atoms begin to form from the bonding of subatomic particles, these quantum field- effects are amplified.

As atoms then join to create complex molecules, the quantum field-effects become much more intricate and intensified.

From this perspective your physical body is an intricately choreographed generator of interlocking and interacting quantum field-effects that arise spontaneously from the cells of your body.

These cellular quantum field-effects tend to evolve into exquisitely coordinated quantum attractors that draw into the cells of your body subtle energies from your environment. This process unfolds whether you are aware of it or not. It is an automatic and reflexive action of the cellular matrix you refer to as your body.

There are several oddities about Trilliums. One of these is a conundrum as to their nature. They operate independently of your own conscious awareness yet they are deeply affected by your deepest core beliefs about the nature of reality. In other words, Trilliums are programmed—at the quantum level—by the unfathomable and enigmatic interface between consciousness and matter.

Two individuals living in the same environment can draw to themselves vastly different subtle energies based on their core beliefs. These differences could then significantly affect both their perceptions of “reality” (and what they deemed to be possible), as well as what they might actually be able to accomplish within those perceived “realities.”
While Trilliums unquestionably operate automatically, based on what they have been programmed to attract, they are also quite easily affected by your focused intent.

In other words, you can affect what subtle energies are drawn to you through the use of your own powers of conscious focused intention.

The value of working with Trilliums is that you can draw to yourself restorative and balancing energies from other levels of the Cosmos.

This means you are not confined to drawing sustenance and uplifting energies solely from the physical dimension that your physical body happens to reside in.

The ability of Trilliums to attract sustenance and beneficial subtle energies from other dimensions beyond the physical planet is precisely why we are sharing this information with you at this time.

Please read on....

Message from Matthew via Suzy Ward ~ 17 October 2018

Matthew Ward tells us how our Galactic & Cosmic Family are hard at work in the background, assisting in whatever and whenever they can, as they have continuously been doing over the very many years. HEARTFELT GRATITUDE 💜 My observation is that regrettably, their efforts go unappreciated and unacknowledged much of the time.

What Suzy Ward brings forth from Matthew here is timely. Matthew has given an augmented description of the US leader, and for perhaps the second time (with Cobra providing the first) that I'm aware, his explanation resonates very much to me. With one exception, and that is that Matthew doesn't think the leader is aware of the Illuminati. Matthew does acknowledge, however, that this is "as far as we know". I personally feel that no US leader in fairly recent times would be ignorant of the Illuminati.

Source: Matthew's Messages
With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. 
Let us begin by addressing the two matters of most concern to readers—first, mandatory vaccinations for children. Extraterrestrial special forces scientists are neutralizing to the extent possible the toxins in vaccines; nevertheless, continued opposition to vaccinating children as a prerequisite for their attending school is necessary to end this practice that has caused an autism-like condition in many children. Bodies’ chemistry and immune systems are stressed by mercury, and youngsters who are especially vulnerable sustain neurological damage that results in symptoms very similar to autism, which is a very rare condition. Opposition can be reinforced by declining inoculations advised by healthcare professionals who are rewarded by vaccine manufacturers or believe the false claim that “preventive” flu shots and a raft of others are necessary public health measures.   
We add that vaccines, like the first pharmaceuticals, were developed for beneficial purposes. Any innovation that is designed to be of benefit can be adapted for malevolent purposes, and that is what the Illuminati have done at every stage of the civilization’s progress.   
The other matter is the 5G wireless technology that offers highly accelerated speed and broader bandwidth. This new generation of communication service still is in development and market-testing stages, and universal family members are reducing the emissions’ impact on bodies of the relatively few people who are exposed; when devices are in mass production, those members will expand their technological assistance accordingly. A significant factor is the amount of light in a body—the more light, the higher the vibratory rate, and the less the body is affected by emissions.     
As the society learns the facts about vaccines and the effect those emissions can have on bodies’ electrical systems, by public demand unnecessary vaccinations will be stopped and all electronic equipment and devices will be designed with safety-to-health as the foremost consideration.   
In previous messages we addressed readers’ issues with US President Trump in simple statements acknowledging his lack of presidential qualifications and sound judgment and that he was reversing his country’s progress. The following excerpts from some of the many similar reactions to our last message show that you want explanations and we need to offer them. 
“His behavior just does not seem to jibe with the persona of someone who is attempting the important work of dismantling the Illuminati.”  “He doesn’t appear to care about anyone but himself. Could Matthew please explain this?” “Trump is a pathological liar. Why would anyone in that international group trust him?” “Please ask Matthew to expound on that man in the white house.” “Our president seems mighty far from ‘the light’ in words and actions. How come this is not addressed?” “If Matthew is going to put Donald Trump forward as someone who is working to topple the evil ones and lead us into the light, he owes us an explanation for how such an extremely odious human being could be tasked with such a world-changing responsibility.”  
“What I can’t understand is why anyone voted for that narcissist, misogynist, racist liar who’s pompous and crude to boot. From the minute he started campaigning, it was obvious what kind of person he is.” “If Matthew feels it is for the highest good, could he please address this contrast we are seeing in all the actions Donald Trump has done that are destructive to so many of the programs that help the environment and the health and well-being of our US citizens?” “I cannot understand how Americans could elect a man like Donald Trump to be their president.” “Could you please explain to me how he can be so opposite of loving energy for our world and still for putting the Illuminati down.” “Trump is a very disgusting man who has CAUSED a lot of anger and divisions in the country. Why was such a morally bankrupt man chosen to be in this position? It doesn’t make sense.” “I really want to feel a trust for this country’s political leadership but find so much of it wanting for integrity. Who do we trust?”
First we say, our love for Donald Trump is unconditional, as it is for all other souls on Earth. As we respond to those questions and comments, it will be without judgment or criticism of him, but rather a straightforward account of what we know. 
When he entered the presidential race, he lacked the support base that the other candidates had. To build a base, he made promises he knew would appeal to principals in the fossil fuel and banking industries who wanted regulations on their enterprises eliminated; the wealthy and corporate heads who wanted lower tax rates; individuals who wanted their religious convictions to be the laws of the land; those who did not want immigrants in the country; and the many people who felt their government ignored them while enabling others to prosper. Enacting laws and policies that would please voters across that spectrum was directly in line with Mr. Trump’s goal, to undo everything he could that the previous administration had accomplished.  

Please read on.... 

(Un)Related (?) SR Reading

Space Observing System
Those hours, as far as I'm concerned, coincided with my feeling of being really out of phase with "reality". I spent most of yesterday being unable to connect with anything much, and generally tried to be on autopilot most of the time so that I could function, as I had to interact with others for much of the day.

While I feel that these SR readings do not actually register the "new" energy frequencies coming in, they are affected in some way ~ because everything is connected ~ and that's what we see sometimes. There are also times when the subtle energies are not picked up at all but we most definitely feel them. As I've mentioned before, the current equipment and readers are not really able to detect these new frequencies, so sometimes these devices just pick up whatever related "disturbances" they can register. I'm not stating this as fact, it's what I believe. Sort of like the first generation mobile phones are not able to access the Internet ~ the Internet is there, but the phone isn't able to access (detect) it.

18 October 2018

People Who Make a Difference ~ Beth Clark

People who really want to make a difference in the world usually do it, in one way or another. And I've noticed something about people who make a difference in the world: they hold the unshakeable conviction that individuals are extremely important, that every life matters. They get excited over one smile. They are willing to feed one stomach, educate one mind, and treat one wound. They aren't determined to revolutionise the world all at once; they're satisfied with small changes. Over time, though, the small changes add up. Sometimes they even transform critics and nations, and yes, the world.
Beth Clark

Source: Collective Evolution

Goddess Creative Spark ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 17 October 2018

Wow. Meg Benedicte mentions the Diamond Light, too. (I just posted something from Celia Fenn about the Diamond Light energies.)

Source: New Earth Central

Although it may not have felt like it, we’ve been in a lull preparing for the year-end stargate events. The month of October is time to catch up, adjust, regain equilibrium and gear up for the coming cosmic activations November – January. For the past 19 months the Lunar Nodes (karma/dharma) held court in the Leo/Aquarius axis, providing powerful eclipses that targeted misuse of power and dis-empowerment. As we clear and release past trauma and power struggles, we are learning how to embody soul empowerment.

On November 15th, the Lunar Nodes move from Leo/Aquarius and cross over into the Cancer/Capricorn axis.  The South Node typically involves ‘unresolved issues’, while the North Node provides the ‘solutions’. The North Node enters Cancer and the South Node shifts into Capricorn until mid-2020. Upcoming eclipses in Cancer/Capricorn highlight issues of healthy boundaries and self-love, while breaking free of oppressive control and domination.

Transforming personal power issues (Leo) into balanced internalized power involves Cancer’s maternal compassion and acceptance. Replacing society’s collapsing patriarchal system (Capricorn) with a new harmonious culture requires balancing the feminine/masculine energies.  To achieve this balance, we all need to integrate more feminine presence (Cancer) in the body, heart, mind. After centuries of power imbalances, the ‘wounded feminine’ is transforming into the divine feminine essence and the goddess creative spark.

During Stargate activations, diamond plasma light streams into the planetary field from the galactic bursts of gamma photons. The light infusion of crystalline codes and consciousness is altering human DNA and awakening higher awareness. During peak periods of solar flares/solar winds, the photon light transfers new consciousness into the DNA, instructing how matter forms in the physical world. You are being transformed from the inside out. The surge of high-intensity light flushes away low-vibrational energies that purge from the body and aura.

As we purge density, we feel lighter, free of past burdens and attain a more balanced state of being. The heart infusion enhances more balanced feminine/masculine energies, dissolving duality and creating zero point neutrality in the heart. The heart chakra is the center of the Merkaba, the spiritual vehicle that transports our consciousness from one dimension to another. The heart’s zero point field opens an inter-dimensional portal to the quantum field of ‘All That is’.

As above, so below! The cosmic stargates act as galactic portals to the multiverse. We can tap into abundant ‘free energy’ that is generated by the Merkaba rotating magnetic fields…harmonic resonance unlocks the power. By balancing the feminine/masculine energies within your heart center, your energy field pulses in harmony with infinite quantum potential.

In just a few weeks the cosmos blesses humanity with the sacred 11:11:11 Stargate. Take this time to prepare your energy for the powerful activations of ‘Mastery’. I will be broadcasting the Venus Global Activations this Saturday, October 20th to support the integration of the divine feminine in balance and harmony. It is the feminine energy that is birthing a New Earth paradigm. Step into your Soul’s Ascension timeline and accelerate your personal transformation. We will work on both individual and planetary activations during the show.

Join other Gridworkers, Gatekeepers, and Star Beings from all around the world, as we form a ‘group mind’ and create our New Earth. The show is recorded for replay.  If you would like to participate, you can register here:

Lovingly, Meg

Copyright (c) 2018 Meg Benedicte * All Rights Reserved * You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.

Peace, Through Water ~ Dr Masaru Emoto

“ By holding the intention of peace towards water, by thinking, speaking and acting with the intention of peace towards water, water can and will bring peace, to our bodies and to the world. ” ~ Masaru Emoto

Beautiful....this was shared via CEL, thank you.

Diamond Light Energies ~ Celia Fenn ~ 17 October 2018

Source: Celia Fenn

Did anyone else have a weird night last night?
I just could not sleep.
I got into bed all sleepy and ready for a good nights sleep and that was it! Not a wink.

I felt it was linked to the Moon which was very bright and clear, and I had the sense of lots of quicksilver colored light which is very stimulating to the nervous system and the mind.

Today I found the sunlight very bright, especially around midday, when it felt like waves of Diamond Light were passing through........


Aluna Ash Updates ~ 16 October 2018

For those interested, here are some updates from Aluna Ash. I will not be able to listen to these until much later so I don't really know what she covers, but one of them is about the yt issue, from the title.

Energy Update: Power Grid Tests
Youtube Crash
The White Dragons. Next Energy Wave. Grid Failure/Tests

Soul Contract Revocation

 I hereby void all contracts that were entered into against my free will.
My energy cannot be used to feed negative systems.

Thank you to Steve Nobel for posting this.

Short, sweet,  simple.

17 October 2018

"Cosmic Traffic Jam" / ALL of the planets rendezvous once again! ~ MrMBB333 ~ 15 October 2018

It was MrMBB333 (as far as I'm aware) who brought us the observation about the Planets being on one side of the Sun in July 2018, and he's done it again! This time, this "Cosmic Jam", as he calls it, will remain on one side of the Sun until 7 December 2018. That's a very long time indeed, considering the independent movements of each Planet around the Sun. And this happened twice this year....what are the odds?

Please go here for the video.

I've NEVER Seen "Clouds" Do This... ~ Secure Team ~ 11 October 2018

I seem to be having a Secure Team day, not feeling like wading into many sources today because I'm feeling a lot of unusual energies "out there". Thank goodness for the 2x speed function, though. These videos can get too long.

Please watch here. 

Do No Harm ~ Marco Lopor ~ 16 October 2018

Source: Marco Lopor 

The Shift is related to several aspects, but one in particular is significant simply because explains what you are experiencing really well.

You cannot become more sensible to pleasure without becoming more sensible to pain.

Living in a higher dimension of Consciousness translates physically in activating your Light Body, so you become more sensible to pleasure because your 144.000 nadis are active.

There are 72,000 nadis (as called in ancient India) in the human body.

In two complementary bodies (male and female), we find together 144,000 nadis. The literal meaning of ‘nadi’ is river. This refers to a river system (similar to the veins) for the internal transport of the subtle life energy, which in Ancient India was called prana.

When you activate your Kundalini, you combine masculine and feminine, this is why 72.000 x 2 = 144.000 nadis active in your body.

Prana can move freely, your energy system becomes autosustainable.

You are resurrected.

But you become also more sensible to pain, you literally feel other people's feelings and especially suffering both physical and emotional.

This is the reason why is technically impossible to bring anything that is not Unconditional Love in the 5th dimension of Consciousness.

You cannot harm others if you feel their pain.

Highway to the Infinite: The Spine ~ Paramahansa Yogananda

The spine is the highway to the Infinite. Your own body is the temple of God. It is within your own self that God must be realized ~
— Paramahansa Yogananda

From: Marco Lopor 

TOTAL SHUTDOWN Of Space... What Are They Hiding? ~ Secure Team ~ 13 October 2018

Hmmmmm.......followed by *wink*wink*....

Please watch this video from Secure Team here.

16 October 2018

All Over the Place

Space Observing System
The past 12 hours have been really scattered, unsettled and very distracting.

Small Subtle Conscious Shifts ~ Peggy Black ~ 15 October 2018

Peggy Black's website is here.

Greetings to my beloved Morning Message family Oct 15, 2018

 ___________ My Personal Message___________

I am finally settling into a routine after my intense time in Kauai. I am so grateful that I could be there and support my daughter in this big move and the step for her new beginnings.  So many people in our Morning Message community are sharing their own life changing experiences and new beginnings. I acknowledge the courage it takes to transform these events.

Since returning I have been excited because I have completed, proofed and ordered copies my next book set from the 'team,' Morning Messages "We Are Here" Transmissions Book Three and Book Four. I am thrilled with the results and so honored to be able to share these new books with you. Each book offers forty-four transmissions. These are the transmissions from the monthly newsletters since 2008. In rereading them I am amazed at the powerful information they offer.

I have another exciting announcement for those who love the Andara stones. I am expecting a large order of the dark green pendants by the end of the month. So for those of you who know these stones or those who might be interested please contact me for more information.

I had a wonderful experience of sharing and teaching the power of sound to a class of twelve Japanese women. They were on tour and I was one of their experiences. They did not speak English therefore they had a translator. It was so much fun and they were so receptive and willing to participate in making free sounds to express emotions and share what happened when they sounded. They learned several chants and other sound tools. They also walked the labyrinth and received water blessings from the Waters of the World fountain in my courtyard. It was a rewarding and joyful experience for me

I will be traveling to a Tom Kenyon event, The Luminous Ones, A Psycho-spiritual Retreat. Oct 31 till Nov 5. These gatherings are so incredible and expanding. The sound experience alone is awesome. Tom has a 4 octave range and his sounds are beyond description.  I have been attending his events since 1997, they are like a recharge. If you are attending please make connect with me I would love to meet you. I am in room 1609.

Our reality and the media are certainly triggering personal issues and emotions. If you are interested in booking appointments please contact me. It is my honor to make the 'team' available for a private session, a connection, and a personal interface. They are very generous with their information. These sessions will offer clarity, guidance and empowerment.

Our Morning Message community is so precious to me. I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve in this way. Thank you for your incredible support with bluesky donations, your letters and emails; it is always a joy to hear how the messages are inspiring your personal magnificence. We are a powerful community of spiritual beings and I am honored to be a part of our service together.

I acknowledge each of you as you recognize yourself as a master of transformation when dealing with all that is occurring in your life and on our planet. We are making a difference. I acknowledge your magnificence as you willingly heal and transform all that you encounter. I invite you to live in gratitude. Together we will continue to envision a reality that is life sustaining for all. 
Blessings of grace and joy, Peggy

P.S. Check out my personal website at www.peggyblack.com  
_________ Message from the 'Team' _________ 
Small Subtle Conscious Shifts
Peggy Black and the 'team'

We are here to acknowledge and empower you.  We are here to remind you that you are a divine being of light energy vibrations. This is the time to begin to step into that awareness and actuality. This physical dimension that you are focused upon and within is demanding, addictive and alluring.

We understand that the physical reality needs attention to be maintained. We understand that the physical reality offers sensations and pleasures of being in form. Having a physical body and relating to this dimension is the game. How you translate the events and the emotions colors your experience which serves to support and awaken you to your highest self.

Your physical body is a requirement for this dimension. It is your physical consciousness that observes, interfaces and makes judgments about all the experiences you have. Being physical is busy; it requires almost all of your attention. This physical illusion has many distractions and pulls for your focus; remember you give your energy to whatever you are focused on.

We are not saying that you need to shut down or disregard your physical aspects. We are inviting you to make small subtle conscious shifts several times an hour or the several time a day.

These small subtle conscious shifts begin to open the door of your awareness to a wider more expansive self. The goal is to become aware that you are aware. The goal is to understand that the physical experiences are only tools to activate, to stimulate your personal understanding of yourself as the creator.

When you begin to practice ways to refocus your energy throughout your day you will be amazed and rewarded with the results. We understand that your life can be demanding with family, work, projects, interests or just the maintenance and requirements of your body.

These are all important to your experience and we encourage you to participate in all these areas of your life from a place of gratitude and appreciation. However what we are suggesting in this message is that you develop a protocol that nurtures your body of light and energy.

We invite you to be willing to recognize that you are a divine multidimensional being residing within a human form, experiencing this dense unconscious field of limitations. You are here to uplift and transform those very limitations you encounter. You are here to transform the misqualified or negative energy you encounter.

Begin to nurture your energy self with new conscious practices. The first we would suggest is to simply remember to take long slow deep breaths as often as possible. Just this basic action will reset your physiology. This action sends a signal that all is well and more, so muscles relax releasing tension, heartbeat slows down, adrenals lower their vigilance of fight or flight. This tool is free and easy to utilize, we invite you to begin to use this method as a way to refocus from the stress of being physical to the sacred space of your higher knowing.

This pure humble practice creates a link, a portal. You are encouraging the real connection between the physical consciousness and your divine consciousness. It is in this gap that you will experience your wholeness and begin to connect to the universal field of energy.

We also invite you to begin to practice sitting in silence for five minutes several times a day. In the beginning this might be difficult. We encourage you to continue. There are no requirements other than you show up. Over time the universe will begin to share its secrets.

You can also meditate for longer periods of time, you can walk in nature, practice slow conscious movements, dance, sway, and also remove yourself from all electronics. You can also open this portal through listening to pure tones or sounds. These practices, even for a few minutes, open your receptivity to a conversation with the universe.

Your goal is to invite stillness, even for a short period of three deep conscious breaths. You are meant to be in conversation with the universe; you are meant to receive messages and guidance from your highest divine self. Stress and busyness shut off these subtle messages.

The universe is within. You do not need to look elsewhere, it is within. As you begin to invite quiet moments, when you begin to invite stillness, you begin to touch the truth of who you are in the most magnificent infinite awareness.

This is just a matter of some simple practices that will allow you to refocus. These practices support the well being of the physical body. These practices will bring a balance between your physical self and your energy self.

We are inviting you to honor your connection with the universal energy field of all creation. We are inviting you begin to have an open clear dialog with the other physical and non-physical divine beings.

In order for this to occur, first you need to be willing. Second, create a sacred space which will allow this conversation to take place. Third, engage your imagination; allow images, and ideas to flow. Fourth, stay in a coherent vibration of gratitude and appreciation for these vibrations are the key to allowing good reception between the dimensions. Fifth, be aware of and acknowledge all the signs, messages, and synchronicities that you observe.  Sixth be spiritually amazed at the process of experiencing more than one dimension.

We are reminding you that you are meant to be in contact with the other realms and dimensions.

You are the liaison, the bridge between the physical and the non-physical realms and realities. This is the time for you to step into that role and begin receiving information, ideas, solutions meant to support the evolution of consciousness and the ascension process taking place.

However in order to make this connection and receive these messages you must open the channel. This means you will need to give yourself time to connect, offer and invite this shift.

We know that many already have a conscious connection to the non-physical realms and beings of love and light. These beings of love and light are awaiting the invitation to participate in this dense 3D experience. Together in this partnership you will assist the collective consciousness in truly shifting and awaking.

We are honored to interface with you upon request; this is true of all loving beings of light consciousness; an invitation is required in this free will reality. We acknowledge you for the exceptional expansion that you are calling forth and anchoring. the 'team'
©2018 Peggy Black All Rights Reserved. 
Notice is given that the creation of videos by people other than the author, channel and scribe is prohibited. You may share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address.
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Friends On High ("All Aboard") ~ Schrödinger's ÖTHER Cat ~ 14 October 2018

I post this solely for the first part, which once again reminds us (we need constant reminding because we constantly forget) how much is being undertaken by the Light/Cosmic Forces to help whenever and wherever they can to keep our Planet safe....THANK YOU 💖

And yes, there are DATES mentioned in this article. When I come across dates, sometimes I dismiss them totally, sometimes I take it in, then place it at the back of the mind so that I don't obsess over it or allow it to stall my daily life. And I'm sure each of you has a discerning, unique and POSITIVE way to deal with information that contains dates :)

Source: Schrödinger's ÖTHER Cat

Look at the above. These are a bazillion comet fragments that the earth and the solar system transited a month ago, on September 10th (those are also historic fragments, there weren’t that many).

These were basically huge ice and rock chunks in the earth’s first Lagrange point (L1), and a bunch more at L2… and our kind ET/Universal friends parted the ways and let the earth move through this debris field unscathed. Please thank the ETs/Universals in your meditations.

Please read on....

Orange/Yellow Frequencies ~ Celia Fenn ~ 15 October 2018

Thankfully, I love the Yellow and Orange colours!

Source: Celia Fenn

A Powerful wave of Orange/yellow light came through this morning.

This color affects the emotions and the mental level. I am not a great fan of these colors, so in excess, as in a plasma frequency wave, they make me feel nauseous and tired.

Their purpose is to activate change on the emotional/financial levels, so expect some changes and challenges.

If you can ride this wave you will find it will power your creativity and new projects.

I find that to "cool" the orange visualizing blue can be helpful.

Have a creative and powerful day!

Robert Orel Dean....Thank You, With Love

Project Camelot
"I'm not paranoid. I just pay attention."
Retired Command Sergeant Major Robert Dean
This is in honour of Bob Dean, who passed on 11 October 2018.

Easily one of my favourite Insiders and a strong advocate for truth, Robert Orel Dean dedicated many years of the later stage of his life trying to educate us about the reality of the Secret Space Programs.

It was a joy and privilege to have watched his work, but also a sense of sadness as the years passed and age crept up on him, and still no obvious transformation in the outer world.

There are many sites offering their own tribute to Bob Dean ~ I will post this one from Project Camelot:
The Page Formerly Known as "Systems of Consciousness"
We go to Mars regularly.
We go to the Moon regularly.
We have Science we use every day that's over a hundred years beyond what established science has any idea about.
Robert Dean

On Oct 14, 2018, at 9:24 PM, Marcia wrote:

My husband Bob Dean passed into the light on the evening of October 11. Our retired Command Sergeant Major was 89. Please send your love and hold him in your thoughts to help guide him on his way.

I’d appreciate it if you would share your knowledge of his crossing with those who would want to know.

If anyone would like to honor his memory, please guide them to consider a contribution to the charity of their choice. Particularly organizations that assist military veterans, the homeless, children in need or animal welfare groups. Or, just do something nice for a stranger.

The above gesture honors his beliefs.

Thank you for your love and support of him while he tirelessly shared his knowledge with audiences around the world.

Kindly, Marcia Schafer

Shifting Perspectives, Roles, and Owning Our Reality ~ Jenny Schiltz ~ 14 October 2018

Shine, shine, shine our Light!
 "Light Emanators are able to hold the higher frequencies for the majority of the time to push that light out to all around, but most importantly to the aspects of self that still hold lower frequencies."
Source: Jenny Schiltz

The past month has been an intense, interesting ride and I believe we are just getting started. This is the time that many of us were warned about, trained and prepared for. All the craziness, all the confusion, all the upgrades were so that we can be in this place, this time, and not get lost in the chaos of what is “out there”.

We are collapsing multiple timelines and what came through during a session is that we are collapsing space and timelines. What this means is that we are also condensing not just timelines but other parallel worlds. This limiting of what was is essential as we embody ALL that we are and our infinite potentials.

The Collapsing of Multiple Realities

I was shown perfectly how insane all this can be by my cat. This cat will soon be 15 and has been on quite a journey with me. When we had a farm years ago he was my barn cat and had acres to roam. He would come in occasionally but was really happy to be outside. When we lost the farm I moved him with me. I tried to keep him indoors when we moved to Colorado out of fear of Coyotes on the plains but he made it perfectly clear that he would rather die than be pinned in. So I have let him, be him.

He has never been one to stay home and will disappear for a few days at a time.  I have become used to this but recently we hit day 7 of him being gone and I was worried. That afternoon while I was out he came up to the garage where my husband was working. I got a text from him that said “Bailey showed up, he is dirty and thin. He is meowing but won’t let me near him.”  My heart sank.  I got home and set out looking for him. When I found him I called him as I normally do, but then he would look at me as if he had no clue who I was. I couldn’t get close enough to grab him and if I tried he just ran. I was at a complete loss. I started to wonder if he was experiencing Alzheimer’s or dementia, especially since he had head trauma as a kitten. I didn’t understand how he could not know me but recognize the kitty, kitty, kitty call I made. I didn’t understand why was he so dirty and thin as I always leave food for him outside and have seen him eat it even when he chooses not to come in.

I barely slept that night and made the decision to get a humane trap. I planned to trap him and get him to a vet where I felt I would make the difficult decision to put him to sleep. I couldn’t let him starve or freeze to death and winter is coming.  That night in walks Bailey through the doggy door as he normally would and not only was he clean but he was his normal fat self. I was shocked and so grateful as he snuggled in my lap. I think that if my husband had not seen him the other day, I would have thought I was just exaggerating what I had seen prior. We both saw a version of Bailey that was dirty, scared, skinny and had no clue who we were. I even went as far as thinking maybe we both saw a different cat, but Bailey has a snaggle tooth and besides… I know my cat. (Interestingly, he has been home every night since then to sleep next to me at night.)

In meditation, I asked what was happening and was told it was the collapsing of realities.
My human brain wanted the how’s and the why’s but all that was shared was that for every reality there is the opposite reality. I was also prompted to share this story as an example.

This example is undeniable unlike the emails I swore I sent, the conversations I swore I had or the ingredient for dinner I know I bought but can’t find anywhere. It really hits home why they say be gentle with ourselves and each other. There are many miscommunications and two people on opposite spectrums can both be telling the truth.

Nothing is as it seems and all we can do is allow our heart to guide.

Please read on....

From Microchips to the Cybernetic Revolution ~ Disclosure with David Wilcock & Pete Peterson ~ S4:Ep4

This one has 18 hours left on the clock, shared on CEL, thank you!

Please view here:

Pete Peterson shares with us what we can expect in the coming cybernetic revolution as computers become integrated with human beings. He was there when the first chips were developed for computers and gives us his vision of the world to come.

20 Years of Healing after 20 Years of Service ~ Beyond Belief with George Noory and Randy Cramer ~ S10:Ep2

22 hours left to view ~ these videos are not longer free for 48 hours, it's down to 24 hours now. This was shared on CEL, thank you!

Please watch here:

After his return from 20 years of service with the Secret Space Program, Randy Cramer worked hard to heal from the flood of disturbing memories. He tells his story to encourage others to come forward to reveal their experience and begin healing.

15 October 2018

Some Readings

Not sure if the strange Solar reading is a glitch in the equipment, or an actual reading. It does correspond with that white SR column, both occurring at about the same time.
Space Observing System

Collective Messages: The Dragons & Shift ~ Aluna Ash ~ 14 October 2018

Lots of messages from Aluna Ash in these past few days. Here's another one, which you can access here.

"Black Sun" is mentioned, to mean "black matter" (see below). I would assume that Aluna means the Galactic Central Sun.
The message is very clear " The Golden Age is Here"

The feeling I have gotten with them is pure love, guidance and protection on my spiritual path right now.

The Dragons are clearing the astral plane and pushing movement forward through elemental force. Using all the elements.

🕳🕳They want me to mention their arrival. "Their arrival by Divine force" They have been here but their new arrival... due to the consciousness shift/frequency shift. They left briefly (i was shown) Now they are back.

There are diff groups of Dragons clearing the astral plane. Everything will accelerate. Those asleep will soon awaken. The ones without souls will scramble.

Stay in your own knowing as much as possible... you're not crazy. This is a war on our perception of reality, time/timeline linking, our consciousness, our spirit & soul, our connection to Source & how we manifest, our energy, etc... and they dont play fair- at all.

If energy goes down or power goes out. TRUST. (Not talking about the internet thing, dont know about that... all i know is they, The Dragons, are clearing house right now and shifting energy. Any manipulation will be counter attacked by the Dragons specifically. Its all an energy war.)

The 144,000: What It Really Means ~ Aluna Ash ~ 14 October 2018

Aluna Ash explains here that the 144,000 does not refer to the selected ones, but rather, carries several meanings. It's a frequency of Light, the vibration of Unity Consciousness.

7 Universes divided into 144 sectors
Each sector divided into 144,000 Galaxies
Each Galaxy divided into 144 million Constellations
Each Constellation into 12 Solar Systems
Each Solar System has 12 Planets
We are the microcosm of the macrocosm
We become the "144,000" by ascending during this Galactic Shift 

Please view here.

All that increase vibrationally with this shift to 5D on this planet are the 144k, we are all a part if this galactic shift. We are basically just smaller bodies within the bigger body or cells within an organism.

144 is an activation. It is the galactic warriors of light... it is unity of the df and dm within ourselves, it is all of it.

12 tribes= 12 solar systems
144k= 144,000 galaxies of the 12 solar systems/tribes
12 planets: 12 gates: gateway keepers to the unconscious:
asteroid Eris
asteroid Chiron
astriod 13th gate= Nibiru

Cycle triggers cycle of acension of earth.

Collapses "time" end of time (3d linear format of 12 60 timing frequency of false time ended 2012 at 11:11 to begin this cycle to the 13th Gate, graduation of cycle stsrted early 2017)

We recieve messages from our higherself/oversoul from the universal mind through the unconscious of the avatar the codes of 144 (and others) to transition vibrationally & in consciousness. It is all information and transmissions of consciousness.

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