01 October 2018

AFFIRMATIONS: I Am One With The All-Embracing Light of Source Energy ~ Steve Nobel ~ 16 September 2018

Please listen to these affirmations from Steve Nobel here.

Transcript provided:
Affirmations are one tried and tested way we can reprogramme our unconscious mind with new possibilities. Affirmations can raise the level of our thinking which in turn increases certain feel-good hormones. ________________________________________________________

"I am one with the all-embracing light of Source energy
I am one with the all-embracing love of Source energy
I am one with the power of light that moves through all living beings
I am one with the power of love that moves through all living beings
For light-love, love-light are forces that connect and heal I am one with the higher light-love, love-light of the Universe
These are the forces that open and clear the way
Within the all-embracing web of life there are many helpful forces
That I can call upon while in this ascending 3D dimension of earth
Angelic forces guide and protect me From the shadows, distractions and illusions of this world
Angels of light cleanse my energy field of the shadows of illusion
These shadows are part of the outgoing 3D game of separation Without shadow we would not know light
But this old game is ending and now it is time to release all old shadows.
It is time to release all lower frequency attachments In this light all desire for separation dissolves
Within Unity consciousness there is no division, nothing to fear Nothing that separates us from the heart and mind of the eternal light
Angels are part of the fabric of the Universal Matrix
They are the gatekeepers that guard the dimensional portals I leave the dimension of shadows and enter the realm of eternal light.
I release all agreements that bind me to the 3D world of shadows
It is time now to embrace a higher octave of my soul’s light.
My Higher Self is with me.
My HS personal gatekeeper.
This gatekeeper points the way to higher dimensions of light and life.
The gatekeeper has summoned many angels to illuminate the way.
Angels are with me every step of the way. Archangel Raphael of flaming emerald green fire is before me
Archangel Michael of Electric Blue force is to my right Archangel Gabriel of the Diamond White Light is at my back
Archangel Uriel of the Ruby Red Ray is to my left
These radiant angels surround and hold me. My energy fields dance in higher waves of light-love, love-light.
Above me Metatron of the Golden-White Christ Grid Below me Sandalphon of the Crystalline Earth Grid The Solar-Gaia circuit opens within me.
All my chakra centres are upgraded within these light grids I open to light, I open to guidance, Angelic forces of light guide the way out of illusion
At every choice point they illuminate the higher path Angels of Ultra-Violet fire cleanse my body of bone and blood.
Ultra Violet fire cleanses my chakra system Ultra Violet Fire cleanses each step I take in this world Angels of Turquoise Pink light radiate unconditional love Love without condition, love without expectation of anything in return.."
For love uplifts, love heals, love is the path To myself, to my reality, to everyone I meet.
The way is open, the way is held in light
The path of growth enters a new radiant turn of the spiral.."

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