08 October 2018

Aluna Ash Updates ~ 7 October 2018

A couple of updates from Aluna Ash. The first one is the screenshot above, but please do listen in on the second as there are more details from Aluna. She stresses that intervention is occurring and we are getting so much assistance right now.

Pink/Purple Mist
This was taken at 11pm. This Mist was seen in different locations beginning at 7 p.m. on 10/6 EST. Was brighter at diff times as it moves through This is very similar to what I experienced with the rainbow wave March 20th 2018 This mist on 10/6 is the pre-event for the next big wave. Blurry pic because my windshield is dirty and I took this from the car as I was driving to the store. I had to take it as i was driving because it moves through like a wave & kinda quick, within 5-10min
False Flags, Timeline Linking
Oct: 11th 22nd 23rd 
Nov: 11th 13th 16th 22nd 
I will share more detail on all events & false flags on the channel if that what people are comfortable with, if not, Ill share on the private Discord server for those who want to know & arent feeding into the matrix programs & illusions of fear. Ill reshare the discord server if people are fearful to hear this stuff on the channel. 

Theres nothing to fear, im sharing because its all a set up, its all fake, programmed and manipulated and there IS galactic intervention guiding us in removing these evil ones. They are here & they want me to stress that. They/Help ARE here. 

Their Number one takedown is the Vatican... it may feel like its not happening quickly enough, but there is so much work happening behind the scenes nonstop- it IS happening right NOW. (Im not religious, im talking about the manipulation of time, the Vatican created a false timing grid of consciousness in the 1500s from the collective cutting them off from the 4th dimensional self and synchronicity.) 

Nov. 11th i was seeing a false flag then a black out immediately after. I was seeing the North West & West Coast. Washinton State. This may not manifest- there is intervention with all events right now, including "weather" Nov 11th is also a huge light activation following the Oct 11th shift. 

This shift is all a process and takes time collectively but it is happening and speeding up. Was also seeing a pulse from under water. Man made.. directed at something delibrately. 

Theres an awareness of this from how I saw this, I saw conversations, prep to intervene in that order. 

Coup attempt (already spoke of that in videos months ago, same thing) We create our experience through intention with emotion, then projection, manifestation, observation, and confirmation- that then creates a new subconscious program. So focus on your path from your heart.. 

Twinflames really need to start focusing on their path right now for the collective. Obsessing about the other twin keeps you linked into a lower timeline from the thought vibration of fear/lack/want/victim consciousness/etc... know that it is all in Leela: Divine Time. 

But YOUR Free Will can delay... YOU manifest YOUR experience, not the other way around. Twins, starseeds came here to serve the collective. Its time to serve.

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