09 October 2018

Ascension Limbo

As I was driving out today, two creatures dashed out in front of my car. My brain told me, "Birds" but I knew that wasn't right. For a short moment, I was totally confused because what my brain was telling me and what I actually knew were at odds. It took another brief moment before my brain corrected itself and said, "Squirrels".

It wasn't that I didn't see the squirrels clearly. They were happily scampering across the pathway, in full view. I had no problem seeing them, and I knew they were squirrels. It's just that my brain said "Birds".

Then there's what I call "wonky alignment", which I mentioned before (here). I appreciate the commenter using the word "wonkier" because to me, that's the best way to describe reality right now. Like being out of synch, not quite there, experiencing several timelines simultaneously, and...and...and.....actually sensing the holographic construct of the material world, if only for fleeting moments at a time. Feeling mentally unhinged from reality, and sometimes not "connected" or "tethered" to the situation at hand (and really not caring too much about this disconnect....).

Related to this is the condition which the commenter in Denise's post, once again, so aptly described as "mental weirdness". There really is no other way to call it. It's like the mind is busily undergoing some sort of rewiring and it's currently doing its best to function at the same time. I may have said this rather glibly, but I'm quite confident that this mental rewiring is actually occurring right now as we plod our way through this Transition.

And sleep.....omigoddess, sleep. What on Earth happened to sleep? There are times I'm so fatigued that all I want to do is to crawl into bed and sleep. Which I do, most of the time. But then I get up again a couple of hours later with the thought that I've had sufficient sleep and that it's time to get up. (That's not how I feel, though.) Thankfully I'm able to fall back to sleep after a period of time, but it's getting to be very tiresome.

Sleep seems so surreal.

Somehow, it's as if my consciousness keeps insisting that I only need two hours of sleep, but there's no way my physical body can function on that amount. So, sleeping becomes something strange at times. There seems to be an on-going debate between my consciousness and my body about how much sleep I should be getting.

Couple nights ago, I got up after two hours' sleep, managed to fall back to sleep, then got up again another two hours later! I checked the time on my phone and this is what I saw:
As I'm posting this, I notice that the precise time was 4:44:40

Then there's the food issue. I seem to crave foods that do not exist. I get hungry, then don't really know what to eat. After eating, I'm able to feel full, but not satisfied no matter how hard I try to choose foods that I think I want. I literally hunger for "something". Something that doesn't exist, at least not in this reality.

I feel that this is like Ascension Limbo. Where we are mostly out of 3D Consciousness, but the higher reality hasn't yet manifested properly in the physical. So we're sort of stuck in-between while the higher reality continues to build and the lower reality's deconstruction progresses in earnest, simultaneously. The result? Mental weirdness, as the commenter said.

I think this state of Ascension Limbo should come with a warning.

"Do not drive or operate heavy equipment while in this state."


  1. One car accident later, all I can say is, hallelujah sister!
    He insists his light was green and I say I had the green. I actually took a picture of my light turning to yellow as our smashed cars came to a stop. Is it possible we were both green? Going to the hospital to get checked over found four other traffic accident participants going through the same process. Our town is small, five car wrecks over a couple of hrs was noteworthy to everyone. I think reality slipped and we got caught operating our equipment unaware!! Grace, your description is perfect.
    It's all so weird and unnerving. Thanks for the work you do. I look to your blog and timely info and insight, and Denise's descriptions and depth as my guideposts.
    Literally couldn't get through the day without spending some time in your space☆ as we jump between worlds.
    Hugs for this post and thank you♡♡♡

    1. Hallelujah indeed! Thankfully no one got hurt seriously ~ both lights green....that is just unreal. Maybe "weird & unreal" is our new normal!

      Denise tells it like it is, and that is something we need to help us navigate this Transition.

      Thank you for your support, which I truly appreciate ❤️ Blessings, and may we continue to be Divinely guided as much as possible :)