29 October 2018

Being True ~ Gina Maria Colvill Hill ~ 28 October 2018

Wisdom. A couple of nuggets from Gina.

Source: Gina Maria Colvill Hill

This thought has entered my mind while sitting in front of the fire, so I am sharing it.

It is not our place to tell others what is best for them based on our perceptions.

If we lived our lives according to what others perceived about us in order to be accepted by them, this would not be living. This would be dying. Dying to who we truly are, in order to gain the approval of others...

If you have to do this in order to be accepted by others, it is not worth it.

You should be true to yourself by standing up for yourself. If you cannot do this, you will have a very hard time moving forward in life. You will have a very hard time accepting who you are, because you will always be in denial. You will not be living. You will be contributing to the very death of the spirit which lives inside of you... 

We should ask ourselves this question when faced with this choice...”Is it worth it?”... I know what my answer would be. 

How about you, my friends? You have a right to be who you were made to be, and that is “YOU”.


The day that I look down on my fellow man, is the day I forget that I am also human.

It is the day that I forget how to love another unconditionally.

It is the day that I lose a part of me that once made me who I am. A part of me that caused my heart to beat even when it didn't feel like beating.

It is a day that I do not want to come.

It is a day that I will not allow to come.

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