02 October 2018

Connecting to Source ~ Marco Lopor ~ 1 October 2018

Source: Marco Lopor

When the gamma rays hit the crown chakra you feel like floating in a bubble and the head becomes so softly muffled that you finally realize the true meaning of the paintings referring to the ecstasy of the saints and their halo.

When you release all fears and trust completely the flow, surrendering to your Divine Purpose, you activate your Gifts and the micro crystals available in your pineal gland start the connection with the Higher Realms.

The equations are so obvious: the more you are emotionally clean (no grief, no ego attachments, no blame, no shame, no lies, no fears, no guilt) the more you are connected to Source.

The more you are connected to Source, the more you can activate the flow in your body that brings your Energetic Field in a state of total Harmony and Peace.

The more your Light Body becomes sealed and Powerful, the more you affect the Environment and create the conditions for the Dimensional shift.

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