03 October 2018

Dive Deep into Venus Retrograde ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 2 October 2018

Graphic image by Gloria Owens
Source: New Earth Central

We are currently in the midst of a global rebalancing since the Libra Equinox/Aries Full Moon. You may feel the shift occurring within your own internal energies, as it is being played out on the global stage. The two worlds are shuffling in the dance of the ages. One will rise and one will recede. We are going into a deep dive of Venus Retrograde.Where we focus our Light, it strengthens and grows.

The recent Leo Eclipses and Pluto Retrograde have been flushing up hidden power and control issues for healing. Pluto in Capricorn turned direct on Sept 30th after 5 months retrograde, helping us confront the darkest parts of ourselves and revealing our truth for consideration. This is catalyzing karmic resolution for the victim of abuse and also for the abuser.

Your past trauma may have been triggered, opening old wounds for healing and clearing. The rebalancing targets all areas of life, including politics, business, religions, families, partnerships, sex, money and also the psychic realm.

In the planetary collective Pluto Retro in Capricorn is chipping away at the control and power of the Patriarchy. This is a dominating enslavement program that affects everyone, both men and women. This is not so much a gender issue, but a power and control issue.
Those who have broken free from the Patriarchal control are not pushing for a Matriarchy. Once you are free of such a polarized program, you rise above its divisiveness and embrace unity consciousness. You welcome the rising divine feminine into your heart, a soothing balm of loving compassion and creativity that enhances harmony on earth. Dominant power and control are being replaced with heart-based cooperation and loving kindness.
Adding to the global rebalancing is Venus turning retrograde on October 5th at 10° Scorpio and ends on November 16 at 25° Libra. The Venus transit is a time for introspection and reassessment regarding the feminine qualities of beauty, art, loving compassion, money, and what you value in life. For the next 40 days we will deep dive into the feminine mystique and clear away all that is hindering self-love, harmonious relationships and abundance blocks.

During this transit Venus forms a tense square aspect to Mars, increasing sexual or competitive tension that could turn to anger, lack of self-control and impulsiveness. Tread carefully in these areas, heated conflict is filling the collective.

The New Earth cannot birth without the divine feminine force. It is imperative that we all embrace and embody the New Earth light codes of unity consciousness and awaken the feminine force within.

I will be joining Manette this Wednesday, October 3rd for our New Earth podcast. We will focus on healing any pain/trauma that has been triggered and assist with disentangling from the oppressive Patriarchal program. We will take your questions and do ‘live’ activations to support your personal Ascension. If you would like to participate, you can register here: https://newearthcentral.com/?p=206898

Lovingly, Meg

Graphic image by Gloria Owens

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