17 October 2018

Do No Harm ~ Marco Lopor ~ 16 October 2018

Source: Marco Lopor 

The Shift is related to several aspects, but one in particular is significant simply because explains what you are experiencing really well.

You cannot become more sensible to pleasure without becoming more sensible to pain.

Living in a higher dimension of Consciousness translates physically in activating your Light Body, so you become more sensible to pleasure because your 144.000 nadis are active.

There are 72,000 nadis (as called in ancient India) in the human body.

In two complementary bodies (male and female), we find together 144,000 nadis. The literal meaning of ‘nadi’ is river. This refers to a river system (similar to the veins) for the internal transport of the subtle life energy, which in Ancient India was called prana.

When you activate your Kundalini, you combine masculine and feminine, this is why 72.000 x 2 = 144.000 nadis active in your body.

Prana can move freely, your energy system becomes autosustainable.

You are resurrected.

But you become also more sensible to pain, you literally feel other people's feelings and especially suffering both physical and emotional.

This is the reason why is technically impossible to bring anything that is not Unconditional Love in the 5th dimension of Consciousness.

You cannot harm others if you feel their pain.

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