24 October 2018

Earth Intelligence Report ~ Brad Johnson ~ 23 October 2018

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Source: Brad Johnson ~ New Earth Teachings

The Earth has moved into a greater boundary point where the access of internal information is becoming far grander than in previous cycles. You have reached an era where the ability to receive the answers to the pondering of questions is now available through one’s own connection and rapport of their heart centers. Through this connection, the ability to understand what is being experienced through those closest to you, the environment, the conditions of the Earth can be felt.

This boundary that has been reached holds a higher capacity at the quantum level to become influenced. Such an influence with the power of one’s own will and focused intent will enable new collective manifestations in the coming times ahead. A direction that introduces the growing empathic human race that will know where they must be, how they will serve, and what they can become to be of greater assistance to a changing world.

The life cycles of the planet are reaching new culminating horizons. The energies of the plants, the animals, the nature that surrounds you are far more accommodating to allow humanity to reach a deeper kinship with their living nature partners. Encourage yourself to spend time with your living companions and introduce the internal connection between your plants, animals, elements as you therefore sense the education that nature wishes to place upon you. Think not of what is being done that involves systematic creations indoctrinated by man, nor the weight of your current modernized systems. You are growing past the old paradigms of what one once felt their life must be based upon. This will no longer be the way as you reach the higher culmination period entering the fourth density plane of existence.

Your world leaders will continue to eliminate the relevance of such governing systems in the times ahead. As you move into 2019, you shall certainly see greater exposures of those involved in illusory systems as a greater dismantling into all that has represented rule, greed and control. The corrupt shall bring down the corrupt. As this transpires, hold hands and come together with those closest to you. Seize windows of opportunities that will present themselves in these upcoming times where new ideas can blanket the innovations of community and organic society. See the value of your actions and expressions. Leave behind the wanting of seeing the old systems collapse and let their own transgressions deal with themselves. Your Earth can show you a greater potential within each of you as you make it become your guide.

Through the life that co-exists with you, you will see goodness unfolding through your actions, and realize how the Earth is changing to accommodate a growing fourth density society.There will be further shifts relating to the internal workings of your planet. This will lead to further intense changes that are to come regarding possible eruptions in desolate areas of the planet in the upcoming times, but all such actions are a part of the Earth reaching the evacuation point of archaic energies of rulership and dominion that must purge. Send continued blessings to the volcanically active regions of your planet as it is sensed within the next 1 to 5 years, further changes pertaining to volcanic eruption in desolate or less populated areas of your planet may lead to such purging.

Weather patterns will continue to change. The temperate areas may see greater times of sunshine, the tropical areas may face upcoming storms, the dry areas may become saturated. If the Earth is permitted to release her natural cycles, these regions of land that are deprived will be aided to become fruitful again. Encourage the growth of natural action throughout the Earth to bring stability. Instability is a result of chaotic collective emotional patterns. Where there is stability, allowance and compassion, the geometry of natural designs will return to wash away where control has once occupied.

Be there for one another. Come together. Work together and let the new changes that are coming as you enter past this boundary become one that is prolific in support, community and nature education. Look deeper to your hearts and value the energy of your feelings as you see past the fog of what old systems have told you, so that new systems can be refined that compliment yourselves and your world as a collective whole.

This concludes the Earth Intelligence Report.

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