06 October 2018

Earth Intelligence Report - October 5th, 2018 (Fall of the Old)

You can listen to Brad Johnson's October Earth Intelligence Report here:

The following transcript is from Brad's fb page.

There is a continual emergence of fleets that are moving throughout your star system and they shall be in preparation for upcoming solar shifts that are being delivered through the solar winds entering your star system. Earth will become a subject of great transformation as its own electromagnetic fields is receiving these cosmic changes funneling through the interior of the planet. The interior of the Earth is increasing with physical heat. This is due to the bio-magnetic changes that are in progress now and may also lead to further Earth changes resulting into greater intense weather conditions. However, this activity will not lead to a severity of conditions on large levels. This transformation that is taking place will increase the amount of aurora activity as the ‘heart’ of your planet is expanding and will initiate changes as the Earth moves through cosmic turbulence. It is reaching a higher shift in dimensional transit as you move toward your upcoming solstice within December. Fleets of interstellar spacecraft are carefully monitoring the conditions of your world throughout the cosmic transition as the planetary integration on a transdimensional level is now reaching new heights that have not been reached before.

Upon your world, there are involving plans to disclose key operations that are now ready to become dismantled. These represent former safeguards with fiat monetary systems, old political agendas, as well as former plans relating to further dismantling that may have involved martial law/police state operations specifically across the United States, your United Kingdom, and areas within the European Union. These plans will not reach culmination as they are now an outdated population control agenda. Many of your current world leaders in power are cooperating with the reintegration and restoration of a collective effort to expose plans and agendas that led to power initiations to favor the elitists that no longer run your world. Military, Political, Financial banking and government spending that was intended to create infrastructure to umbrella a veil of control upon the world is now in the process of being dismantled by government agencies across the planet.

Further dismantling of key players within the Cabal are being rooted out and exposed. This will lead to a greater effect especially within the United States as the attempt to bring about a new appointed judge will lead to further mass arrests and trials/tribulations of those that have attempted to keep this individual from reaching this level of authority. When this one reaches that level, this will lead to a swift blow to the elitists of the old regime and many will witness these key players popularly known on your planet expedited and facing tribunals removing the remnants of an old system that will be laid to rest. This will further the opportunities of continued disclosures on internal workings behind the scenes that led to dominant takeover, truth embargos and seized financial assets from such controllers to be exposed and money returned into new hands as this will lead to new infrastructures that will revise all essential developments to improve environmental improvement, universal basic income, and further environmentally sound technologies that will enable global clean up to become possible.

The current time period will increase the emotional boundaries of your planet. Earth is under a span of great revealing as all social frameworks are being brought out into the open and unfolded to reveal great truths hidden from your people for a great amount of time. Religions, finances, government, social behavior.

Everything is being scrutinized and challenged at this time so that the microscope of observation evaluates current systems and ways of life as a means to improve it. As you move into the next decade, a very different way of life will become possible for humanity. The era of corruption and hidden secrets is coming to an end. This will also reciprocate through the minds and hearts of every man, woman and child on the planet as they will look into themselves where corruption and hidden secrets have been revealed, and it too shall be exposed.

You are in the process of awakening deeper levels within, and for you to further your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual development, this time period will bring about great inner scrutiny. People around you will be exposed. Their true colours out in the open. The intentions clear. This will also transpire with the actions of your past that will also lead to a personal disclosure. As the next year will be heavy with disclosure, so shall your own minds and hearts as the time to reconcile differences and hardships in the past will now become a theme for many of you. No more clandestine acts will remain, for it is time for the light of truth to shine within everyone’s hearts. Those not willing to change with the revealing of their innermost transgressions will be left behind encountering greater emotional tides that will wash upon them. Resistance to hardships will only cause greater hardships to manifest. It is time for you to reflect upon what must be brought into harmony, or the consequences of facing intensified emotional anguish will become the result.

This time of change is in alignment with where you are going as the planet transforms and becomes aligned into a new dimension. One must become in alignment with their hearts and deeds as that will be the commonplace for a fourth density society. No person on your world is spared from this responsibility. You are moving into a heart-centered world, and in being such a person, clarity, responsibility, harmony and compassion are necessary to function as a human being on this new Earth. Work with yourself, make peace with your past and bring your emotions into clarity as you refine yourself and quicken the change to your transmutation as a new human being becomes born.

This concludes the Earth Intelligence Report.

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