10 October 2018

Embodiment Part Three: Effects and DNA ~ Sandra Walter ~ 9 October 2018

Hey, I just wrote about the brain rewiring thing yesterday! Woohooo Synchronicity 💖
And etheric glands?  Yep, tones getting louder and higher in pitch, and not 12 ~ not even 13! ~ but 33 chakras!

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

Infinite gratitude to all who connected with us during the global mass meditations last SUNday!

Gatekeepers focused on the crystalline DNA distribution and rainbow bridges to New Earth. After some afternoon gridding on the mountain, it was time for our final meditation. During the 5:11pm connection, a beautiful rainbow bridge appeared up top on Mount Shasta and stayed there for 2 hours. The energies were powerful and flashes through the Solar gates occurred (you may have seen or felt this during the meditation).

Rainbow blessings to our dear SUNday Unity Meditators for holding this space for global peace and Ascension every week.

Preparation for our October Trajectory
The latest energetic shift is a strong one. The drop-off of energetic support for negative realities at the end of September opens us to the higher frequency force of the Christed timelines, New Earth and higher positive trajectories. Restoration of Divine HUman crystalline DNA, which has already begun, requires magnetic shifts in Gaia’s grids, including the HUman heart grid. Geomagnetic storms help accomplish this, when solar plasma is delivered via solar winds. It flows easily through Gaia’s diminished magnetic shields, into the planet and our heart centers.

An activated heart opens just like a solar gateway, allowing DNA to be delivered and activated with these influxes. It literally delivers codes and bilocates DNA into your body, torus fields and Ascension column.

Our next influx is October 13 -16. Last weekend’s storms prepared us for this influx. I AM getting beamed just writing this; those dates will not leave my consciousness. Let us unify and focus on the pure heart-SUN connection, DNA reconnection and opening the bridges to the New Earth realms for all willing hearts. Welcome forth the Solar flashing activity, already in progress and quickening, for your personal journey if you desire the heart-blasting, consciousness-shifting codes.

October’s strong energies are connected to the gate at the end of November; that sense of a collective shift point is upon us once more. Step by step, gate by gate, the realities divide to honor collective intentions. You may have noticed the time-stop moments since the New Moon. Again, the Primary timelines don’t feel like timelines, more like a realm of pure beingness; the New Earth.

This passage through January will feel surreal and expanded, or chaotic and scattered, depending up on your focus. Best advice: Timelines, realities and experiences rely on your frequency match, the vibration of your thoughts, words, deeds, feelings. View the shifts as positive and offer higher solutions (even to yourself), rather than lower-level judgment of change.

The planetary shifts are unavoidable, however your experience is malleable. Clearing is clearing, completion is completion. End times are a very good thing, they provide the changes we collectively desire. Focus on the unification of positive consciousness, rather than the division and dissolvement of the negative polarity. As always, don’t watch the old realities burn, create the new. Higher vibrations have more influence; use it to create the new with as much ease and grace as possible.

Crystalline *rainbow bridge* DNA, encoded to make your body and consciousness the bridge to New Earth, has been received by many willing hearts. It has clearing effects, just like any DNA activation, so reset with self-care, rest, and hydrate if you get ill. Note the effect on your consciousness and heart, rather than fret the physical challenges.

Embodiment: Part Three
We were told that embodiment of the Christ – the crystalline DNA , Christed (Diamond-Solar) Heart center, and unity consciousness – changes everything for the Ascending collective realities. Embodiment affects the light quotient of the planet, and her grids shift to the higher dimensional crystalline grid as the lower realities dissipate. Similar to how our torus fields expand to merge with the 5D level of Self and beyond.

Please read on....

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