11 October 2018

Energy Update + The Event & Matrix Event Timelines ~ 10 October 2018

Aluna Ash lists out several topics in this message. Again, your discernment is key.

One of the things she mentions is that she believes there won't be one single Solar Flash that changes Consciousness, but rather, a series of Ascension Waves that will get us there. It's my own opinion that there will be both ~ and this is what I've mentioned before several times ~ a series of energy waves building up to The Big One.

**Update: I felt the need to add this little note ~ Aluna mentions that Putin has merged with the Light.**

(This is the second consecutive post where the Inner Sun is mentioned!)

Please listen to the message here.

There are structures & energy lines everywhere on the ocean floor.
Directs hurricans &have underwater volcanoes eruption nonstop.

We have 2 suns. One is a blue-ish "Eye" Sun from below the surface of the planet (or what we call the surface of the planet based off of what we've been told) that's shooting up energy, it's connected to our souls Evolution..you can think of this as the crystalline core or the entity of this planets spirit herself, her heart..this is changing what we're experiencing in Consciousness as a collective, this is power source for the projection/hologram above.from below.

From what I was shown there will be an intervention to keep that from taking place collectively at a certain level.

We have HUGE ships from Andromeda right now & Arcturus plus others (galactic family) watching this shift taking place, they travel in set patterns during "watch" these ships are atleast 7 miles in length. There is not a second that goes unwatched, they are ready, but cannot intervene unless absolutely necessary.

Many ones with souls will be going back to Sirius, Arcturus, Andromeda after this incarnation "home"= very large groups. And these ones specifically (there are many other galactic groups, not just these, but this is what Im connected to) that I was getting from these groups are receiving Transmissions now and will be over the coming months basically plugging them into their Galactic system or their Galactic family and they will be holding that information and vibration for this Collective shift on this planet to 5D 4th density.

They are prepping for mass Blackouts now and have been.

The pyramids are beginning to hum at the new higher vibrational resonance of the planetary core or the blue/white Sun.. birds and animals are being affected by this because they can really tune in to this energy Crystals will be more difficult to purchase in large amounts over the next year, due to the energy shift (theyre considered a weapon in our hands to the demonics)

Again- the number one focus is the removal of what people know as the Vatican & the beings behind the Vatican and one gimeline us removal of all structures building symbolism that's connected to harvesting the Kundalini or life force energy of innocent children and sentient beings through traumatic experiences.

Realms are collapsing into one... Where you will begin to see shadow people, spirit forms, elementals, entities, beings, even people that have "passed over" at different time, at random times, depending on the consciousness of the individual at that moment.

Merkabah activations for female bodies is another thing that was coming through and the female body merkaba activation will activate the male in sacred connections. Twinsouls, etc...

The unconscious/subconscious is becoming conscious as well as the body organ systems.

The ancients & Devas are being brought back. Through us. This is the "Divine Intervention"

People are going to be experiencing pink and white Mist at different times with these waves that come in from here on out when you experience these waves are going to see a Mist depending on what you've already experienced.

The avatar will activate easier and merge w tbe pure vibration of the spirit with fasting.

They/the evil ones are setting up technology and have been in my opinion, to create a false Event through transmission of vibration/frequency.

This is where it's extremely important to do the individual work meaning clearing any lower energy that you've been holding on to. See beyond the program's of manipulation of our own perception of reality that we've experienced through generations and lifetime's.

Forgive. Have compassion... many are manipulated through their thoughts and they don't know what they're doing they don't know what we're up against and these demonic beings do not fight fair.

I was also seeing what the color of unity Consciousness is and it's pink. You can visualize pink light or a gold circle with two pink flames on each side. That is what protection and unity Consciousness looks like in the astral plane-

Clairvoyantly. 3 new moons a.k.a satellites are being moved or brought in.

There is absolutely transmissions and events that are happening but these are happening at an individual level, as well as a collective level, we experience these waves at different times based off of our own vibration in that moment or what we've integrated in the recent past our time lines can be very similar to the experience but it's very much dependent on the individual... eventually will we will manifest an actual mass event as a collective through the collective unconscious but right now it's individual experience in groups.

The mass collective experiencing an event is really the same as what we are experiencing... it's just the collective catching up.

When the collective experiences the event it collapse all timelines and we have reached beyond 51%


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