23 October 2018

ET Timelines Atlantis UFOs & Sovereign Spirituality: Gigi Young & Dark Journalist ~ 16 October 2018

This is more for those who are just awakening, or having a high degree of curiosity about these sorts of topics (I say this so that you won't waste your time if you are looking for some new info ~ but the info about the Mantis imprinting energies is new to me). However, I was led to this video through some searching (can't remember where now) and half-listened (at accelerated speed) while doing something else. Gigi Young is new to me, and I like her energies, so here it is for those who are interested.

You can listen to the discussion here.

Visit http://www.DarkJournalist.com ET Galactic Consciousness In this fascinating episode, Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt welcomes Intuitive Coach Gigi Young who has developed a unique method called 'Sovereign Spirituality' that outlines the ability to push beyond boundaries and move into personal transformation. Her own experience with ET Consciousness has given her unique insight into the alien question and she has developed a strong identification of various ET types and what their mission is here on Earth.

Timelines Atlantis and UFOs Gigi outlines the strange connection between ET experiencers and the Lost Continent of Atlantis and why so many people are drawn to this obscure time in history. She suggests that during that period humanity had a full understanding of psychic powers and were in regular contact with offworld civilizations. Later, as our consciousness dimmed we started overall to forget these visitors and the mythology around Atlantis and UFOs became a cultural memory preserved in traditions. Now it is slowly coming to the surface in the 21st century! Ascension Into Higher Consciousness Vs. Spiritual Harvesting

Gigi sees a major movement towards higher awareness as individuals take a greater role in their own spiritual advancement and stop relying on Cults, Gurus and Marketing Obsessions that are the major obstacles in modern times to spiritual communities.

Running parallel with this new awakening is a major movement designed through promotional companies on one side and covert intel operators on the other, to harvest the uprising of higher consciousness and to exploit people's genuine interest into esoteric mysteries.

She sees that now more than ever we need to take charge of our spiritual growth on this planet as we seek knowledge of greater forces outside of the material realm.

Dark Journalist also recounts the fascinating story of two boys in 1945 in San Antonio, New Mexico, that came across a crashed UFO and saw Mantis type beings inside that impressed unusual images and deep emotional feelings on them.

 Exciting, alarming, informative and ground-breaking, you don't want to miss this exciting Dark Journalist episode with Intuitive Coach Gigi Young.

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