03 October 2018

Event. The Next Wave ~ Aluna Ash ~ 2 October 2018

More from Aluna Ash about a massive wave of energy that she sees coming very soon ~ 11 October ~ please listen here.

Note: This isn't necessarily The Big One aka The Event.

Got this message right as I was going to bed, again.

Everyone will experience this energy but the perception and interpretation will be individual..

I felt very confident giving this information and details far as the symptoms or physical experience of it because I am very sure that many of you will experience it in this way. May feel Flu like symptoms just before.

Theres prep taking place. Grid failure after this in diff locations, does not look random.

The collective system will begin to collapse. Its all predictive- already put into place.

The white light does not feel the same as the pink purple mist, the white felt like love..i immeditately started crying. Felt stronger then March rainbow wave in the physical body/avatar I don't really know how to describe this but I'm seeing some type of test that's connected to this... worldwide and it's connected to the energy Grid it's preparation it feels like or awareness of this and preparation because of the awareness.

Similar to the prep that I talked about in past videos I believe this is the same thing that I'm getting/seeing. And I see this with my third eye, I'm not physically seeing this I see this with the third eye 😁

If you feel called to give information or give guidance or share your experience during this time, I think it would be an amazing thing for people to vlog their experience during this transition like recording the Ascension process as you are living it for other people that will begin to experience what you already have.

I feel like it's our duty or responsibility to share information if it's going to help another

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