03 October 2018

Event, Timeline Shifts, 13th Gate, The Mother Energy ~ Aluna Ash ~ 2 October 2018

After posting the previous update from Aluna Ash about The Event, I went back and added these notes yesterday, which I'm copying over here:
**Note 1: I find that the term "The Event" is sometimes used in a wider context, for example, an especially intense energy wave coming in. It may not necessarily mean "The Event" as specifically defined by sources such as Cobra.
** Note 2: In the video by Fleur Brun referenced by Aluna, the song played is titled "Thursday" by The Weekend.
I have explained before several times about how certain sources seem to use the term The Event (or Wave X etc) in a broader context, applying it to any more-intense-than-before energy wave that sweeps in. Additionally, for those who "see" such massive waves in their vision, they are inclined to interpret that as The Event as well.

In this video description from Aluna Ash, I'm glad she clarified how she sees The Event, as massive waves of escalating energies that lead up to the Big One (that's what I call it). This is what I've been trying to say for a while now ~ that this term is used loosely ~ which is why I no longer write that disclaimer whenever I post something from someone talking about "The Event".

However, I was strongly nudged yesterday to go back and insert my notes ~ we probably got the same memo :)

And now, here's the link for Aluna's latest:

❤I love this family, thank you guys for making this commUNITY what it is. No judgement, no attacking, and building others up, etc...

I don't like using "the event" title because I think people are expecting the ONE event, but how I've been seeing this and getting this information is these are Transmissions that are leading up to the event or to one massive shift of all timelines, the entire Collective, which is exactly where we're headed but right now we're needing to integrate so our physical avatars can go through this transition, this is why we're going through the Ascension process, this is why we have the Ascension symptoms, we cannot take on the non-physical shift in a 3rd density in our physical bodies all at once while remaining physical, it would not be able to happen, we HAVE to go through this transition from the 3D physical to merging with the non-physical, from the third density to 4th density.

Each transmission will be bigger and bigger, each transmission will collapse Collective timelines and individual timelines.

I also don't like to do dates because people can take it and run with it and then attack you something doesn't happen☹😂 but from what I've gotten I will be experiencing this wave on the 11th, first it was the 10th or 11th I wasn't really tuning in is easily to the information, now it's the 11th very clearly, does not mean that it will happen on that exact day that's just based off of my own guidance.

Always always always trust your inner guidance, your inner being, your intuition, your gut feeling, etc.. When we start feeling victim Consciousness we are tuning ourselves into the collective victim Consciousness and collapsing timelines connected to the luciferian agenda, many of the emotions coming up within the purging that you're experiencing is the collective purging to collapse these timelines because you're able to experience it & you're able to handle it.✊

all thought is linked together so one thought or one Consciousness is linked to all timelines connected to that vibration or connected to that thought or consciousness, and the awareness of what's coming up through the unconscious mind is what transcends that experience in collapses those timelines... basically purging the collective pain through our own purging individually. So if you are purging sexual abuse, you are also purging sexual abuse for the collective This will bring full transparency for many, seeing beyond the bs.

My name & work-copyright. Ill be working on emails this evening... if anyone would like a refund please make sure you send a payment request to my Paypal account I may not see the email. Paypal.me/alunaash

Anyone that has sent updated info, thank you😊🤗 and if I sent a refund to you that you did not want or request I apologize I was just in a mood one day and I just decided I would send a bunch of refunds because I don't like having people wait and each day I wasn't sure of how I was going to feel w my health, but if you did not want to refund any received one I will still do your reading I am just not doing any new readings only the readings that were booked prior to me taking a long time off for my health & tickbite/lyme treatment.

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