02 October 2018

Flying Blind / Incoming: It's Choice Time ~ Schrödinger's ÖTHER Cat ~ 1 October 2018

We've also had a changing of Guardians....

Source: Schrödinger's ÖTHER Cat

Ah. This latest from Lisa Gawlas explains why we can’t see anything right now… well, can see less:
I could see two earths both in eclipse of each other, passing each other in opposite directions. It was stated that the “old” earth and the “new” earth are eclipsing each other. creating a black out of sorts.

In another preview to a reading (no one got a reading, not even the ET connections.) It was explained and shown this tremendous energy being exchanged between the two realities during this passage. It was also explained by one of my lady’s ETs this energy is why the connection could not happen. Way too much distortion to work thru. To much finalizing the upcoming blueprints (if you will) of the next phase of earth and of each living thing on earth.

With this new set of blueprints, we are all going thru a changing of the guard, of guides/teachers and such. As we step into this last quarter of 2018, we will also start to draw down to us, at least those using their divine will, the energies of the first quarter of 2019.
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