01 October 2018

Focusing on the Core: The Rebirth of New Earth ~ Suzanne Lie ~ 30 September 2018

Source: Awakening with Suzanne Lie

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Message from The Arcturians and your Galactic Family
Through Suzanne Lie
Greetings from the Arcturians, as well as your entire Galactic Family, which is much larger than you may imagine. Please realise that every decision that humanity makes within this NOW is having  a great impact on the planet. 
If that decision is based on love and light for Gaia and ALL Her inhabitants, you have given Gaia a greater gift than you may imagine. As humans become more conscious of their “Higher SELF,” who is their Multidimensional SELF, they will feel more and more of a need, an urge, to focus on the Core of the planet.
As humanity begins to “remember” that Gaia is a living being, they will begin to understand how person and planet are made up of the same elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water.  Also, just as each human has a core, so does Gaia. 
Therefore, when you focus on Gaia’s Planetary Body, you are also focusing on Humanities Human Body. Furthermore, each “element” of humanity’s Earth, Air, Fire and Water interacts and affects every other element. 
More and more of humanity is beginning to consciously feel and accept the higher frequencies of Light that are NOW entering Earth’s atmosphere, as well as all of Gaia’s Planetary Life forms. 
Then, as humanity becomes more and more aware of their own ascension process, they will become more and more aware of Gaia’s planetary ascension. “What does ‘ascension’ mean?” you may ask. 
Ascension is a transmutation of the frequency of reality into the next octave of vibration. Transmutation is change, alteration and/or transformation into the next octave of reality.
 More and more “awakened” humans are becoming aware that they have a Core within them, which is their spinal column which houses their Kundalini Force. This Kundalini Force lies latent within the base of your spinal column awaiting your transmutations into fifth dimensional consciousness.
It is through this higher dimensional Kundalini Force that humans can establish a conscious contact with the higher dimensional beings who are NOW orbiting Gaia’s Galaxy. 
These fifth dimensional, and beyond, beings, are orbiting Gaia to assist humanity on Earth with Gaia’s transmutation into the next octave of her Planetary Operating Frequency. 
These “beings” are Galactics, Angelics, Elohim and Ascended Masters. All of these multidimensional beings are able to communicate with Gaia’s third dimensional reality from their Homeworld in the higher dimensions, and/or from their Star Ships, which are now orbiting Gaia via their cloaked Ships.
They keep their Star Ships cloaked so as not to frighten those who are not yet ready to perceive the higher dimensions of reality that have always surrounded them. Usually, these humans are not yet ready to expand their consciousness to encompass higher dimensional thoughts and communications.
However, we know that, eventually, many of them will awaken to their own Multidimensional SELF. Once a human is in conscious alignment with their own Multidimensional SELF, they will be able to activate their inter-dimensional sensory perceptions. 
It is your inter-dimensional sensory perception that allows you to remember who you are within the higher dimensional expressions of your Multidimensional SELF.
Once they will be able to “listen” to the still, small voice that has been them since their early childhood, they will remember that they have ALWAYS been under the guidance and protection of their own higher dimensional expression of SELF.

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