25 October 2018

Galactic Sneeze or Galactic Sniffles?

The center of the Milky Way, as imaged by 64 radio telescopes in the South African wilderness (via MeerKAT array)
There are several Wayshowers of whom I'm aware that share the same belief as Aluna Ash ~ Ascension is a gradual process without a "Solar Flash" event to bump things up several notches. At the same time, there are also many others who see the "Solar Flash" as something integral in this Ascension process. I would like to write a bit about this based on my perspective and my current understanding.

What's happening to Mother Gaia and her Humanity right now isn't an isolated event. We are but a tiny part of a much larger Cosmic Evolution. Tiny, but omigoddess so important for so many reasons.

This is a Cosmic Reset, a historical and pivotal marker of epic proportions in all of Creation. An entire Planetary Race going through Ascension without involving the death process, a dimensional upgrade while still in the physical vessel. Simultaneously, new codes of Creation are being written for the entire Cosmos as Creation itself is receiving a new operating system ~ an upgrade with all the Cosmic bells and whistles to detect, ward off and remove malware, and safeguard the sanctity of Creation. A virus had invaded Creation eons ago ~ this was detected and noted, but not removed. Because no Creator Being accessed the awareness of the unfathomable magnitude of utter darkness this virus would wreak upon the Cosmos in the distant future.

Coming from that perspective, this Cosmic Reset isn't something undertaken by only a few Chosen Ones. The scope of this Reset is mind-boggling, to say the least. I cannot believe, not even for a fleeting nanosecond, that one single person here on Earth right now is in possession of the entire Cosmic Reset Manual because the scope is simply unfathomable. No single source knows the entire Divine Plan. Some may remember that I've said this before in previous posts. Each may get details of little sections that pertain to the nature of Lightwork that is being undertaken by the individual Wayshower, and sometimes many get the same memo that outlines some details, but no one really knows what is set to unfold in the entire process.

In addition to that, what's occurring with the Planet and her Humanity is a Cosmic First ~ we are ascending as an entire Planetary Race, while still incarnated. No death process ~ we're doing this on the fly, every moment of every day and mostly winging it as we go along!

So, which one do I believe will occur? Will it be the Galactic Sneeze or are we just getting Galactic Sniffles? First of all, it shouldn't matter to anyone what I believe. But since this is my blog, I get to give my opinion :)  but you always have the option to choose what you believe.

I believe both will take place. We're getting the Sniffles right now, wave after wave of strong Cosmic Light bombarding the lower densities out from the Collective Consciousness. These long series of Sniffles will push Humanity up the required notches, and then we'll get The Big One. The Solar Flash, which is triggered by the Galactic Sneeze, which in turn is tickled by its own Great Central Sun.

What if Humanity goes *poof* when the Great Sneeze snuffs out Life? Well, I don't find that thought unthinkably horrendous. We'll get to start over again, but this time, without all that yuck and muck. No Soul ever needing to go through such dark torture ever again. Earth (Harmonic Universe 1) would be Tara (HU2), and then on to Gaia (HU3). Terrans would finally and at long-last get to live the Lives they had intended, as Sovereign and Free Beings of Light. That, to me, is most definitely a plus if push comes to shove. (Bearing in mind that we are presently the bottleneck ~ or the critical path ~ of this great process.)

I'm not claiming this to be Truth, it is how I see things and what I believe in, based on where I am right now in my own journey. However, even if all is incorrect, there is one thing I will insist is true, and that is, once again, that no single source has all the answers.

Ultimately, we will get to know and see the Great Divine Plan unfold. Whether it's only Sniffles, or one Sneeze, or both ~ right now, in the bigger scheme of things, it doesn't really matter. What should matter is our on-going Inner Work which must continue, no matter what. It's what we truly are that counts. If we do our Inner Work, we raise our own vibration and frequency. After all, this is what Ascension is all about ~ transitioning from a lower state of Consciousness into one that is higher. Even if there is no external event to propel or jumpstart us, we can work continuously towards a higher state of Consciousness ourselves. Day by day, we build our Light Quotient more and more, no matter what we are told by various sources. To hang on to every word that someone says, or to endlessly debate about who's right or who's wrong can be a regrettable distraction that will only prove detrimental to our own Soul evolution.

We keep our Faith in our own Inner Light strong, and we KEEP ON KEEPING ON!

Namaste and Blessings!

PS. Heart Lights in the main image above!


  1. Epic write-up - thank you, Grace, I say 100% YES to ALL that you write here!

    What I can add is that by watering down The Event quantum leap, the negative powers behind it try to discourage us, take steam away. Aluna's 180° flip-flop from "The Event in October" to "there is no such thing as THE Event" was laughably obvious..

    Resonating then do people who have not done all their homework, all their studying: once the veil bubble we're in bursts, flooding us in 5D, THAT IS THE EVENT. An amniotic sac does not slowly decay - IT BURSTS. A birth is a birth. Slowly linear until it's NOT linear anymore, but quantum.

    It's up to people to understand, or not.

    However, according to "Adronis" (if he really is the one he claims), it might still take decades until WE and ALL has progressed far enough for The Event to finally occur. Not inspiring at all. Whatever Cobra considers "soon".

    Latest from the Ab-Ra-Ham group consciousness through Jessica Delmar ("The Quantum Soul") is "later this year, because the October timeline for The Event was 'hijacked'" ..

    We'll see..

    1. Thank you, Lee :) Sometimes what we need to remain sane is to step back from all the "updates". There's a serious information overload right now, and that can sometimes be a setback to our own spiritual evolution.

      I hate to sound cliched, but there are many moments that I feel the ancient sages were right to counsel that indeed, all we need to know is within.


  2. oh yes so right they were, and are.

    Still, regardless if one is still in doubt, or enjoys a confirmation, I HIGHLY recommend to listen to "Ascension Update 5D — Pole Shift Info and Event Info QHHT" (Jessica Delmar): https://youtu.be/2DOW-xg7RN4?t=392

    Beautifully fascinating (I know you'll love it).