08 October 2018

Gold / Violet Frequency ~ Celia Fenn ~ 7 October 2018

Source: Celia Fenn

There is a Massive wave of Gold/Violet frequency passing through at the moment.

This is one of the new Angelic frequencies that is forming the basis of the New Earth. As we head towards the 10/10 and the 11/11 we can expect these waves to intensify.

Those of you who are "tuned" to New Earth will be feeling changes in your Pineal/Pituitary gland frequencies that may also be accompanied by physical symptoms such as head and neck pain, dizziness and exhaustion. This is a Major Rewiring and can cause major physical shifts, which I have been feeling so much I have been unable to write about it.

Just know that as the Pineal is opened and enlarged for the New Earth it is becoming twice the size it was before. It is also "spinning" energetically twice as fast. And at the same time it is creating a web of light around the head that is becoming the "Crown of Gold" that receives and transmits the Angelic Frequencies of the New Earth.

Just breathe....and breathe.....and ground....these new Angelic Frequencies are weaving the New Earth!

And don't get caught up in the drama of old earth....it really is empty and meaningless.

Focus on what you are creating now and keeping your balance in the New Earth grids.

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