31 October 2018

Healing Ourselves to Heal Humanity ~ Marco Lopor ~ 30 October 2018

Source: Marco Lopor

You were expecting too much from people around you that could not understand your level of empathic sensitivity and this was creating your suffering, because you struggled thinking that everyone was like you.

~ How they cannot feel what I feel ?
~ How they cannot see what I see ?
~ How they can co-exist with such corruption of the Mind ?

These were the main recurring thoughts during your lonely moments.

But now look at the process from an higher perspective, discover how perfect it is.

You have to lower your vibration so much in order to understand how Darkness works.
You have to fully go Deep into the distorted human aspect in order to reverse the pentagram with the 5th point on top rather than falling into the abyss of ignorance and Ego Control, that is the symbol of human slavery.

Only rising from the lowest human aspect to the highest you can accomplish, in only one lifetime, what usually was done in many lifetimes, a Shift towards your multidimensional aspect that affects the vibration of the Earth and of many and many worlds.

When you heal yourself in such a way that your healing becomes available for the Collective Consciousness, from the lowest to the highest aspect of your humanity and multidimensional essence, this creates the real change on the timelines of the New Earth.

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