04 October 2018

In Divine Alignment ~ Paul Selig

Source: Empath1111

We would like to lift you all if you would come with us, and this is how the lifting is done. You will say this after Paul.

On this night I choose to align myself to the perfect freedom that may teach me love. On this night I choose to agree to be loved in the perfect way that is available to me and as I agree to be loved by the divine in all ways I agree to be the expression of this love as it may be known as and through me. I know who I am, I know what I am, I know how I serve. I am Word through this intention, Word I am Word. Receive us as you wish. We are with you each as you claim these words, and we are lifting you each in consort with your claim of truth. You are here, you are here, you are here.

Now the rising that you are undergoing is a claim of frequency as you lift an octave, your field will transform and what is no longer in alignment to your claim of truth. I am loved, I am expressing love, will be met by you. You may thank it. You may say thank you very much, good-bye. Anything you know that would obfuscate the freedom of love to work through you was claimed by you at one time, for one purpose only, to keep you safe. He has many reasons to protect himself from what he believes love to be, but we will say this to each of you here, love never harms, and there is no fear; there is no fear in love. They do not exist at the same level of vibration.

Now the gift we are offering if you wish, is to claim victory over the small self's needs to be in dominion, in protection, in retaliation. The gift you are being given is to be lifted above the cultural needs for hatred, for agreement to harm, to fear other's requirements of you. And as we gift you with these things and they will be gifted to you in ways you may know because you are claiming them with us, you will be taught methodically how to lift beyond them. As we taught you earlier, you have a choice in any moment how to claim when you know who you are, the aspect of you, the divine as you, becomes your truth. When you are claiming in fear you may turn the page and you may claim a new at any moment.

Paul Selig - The Class of Love
A Channeled Livestream - June 17, 2015

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