19 October 2018

Laura Eisenhower Update ~ 19 October 2012

There's that mention of "Black Sun" again. Remembering what Cobra said (from here),
The Chimera group worships the Black Sun, which is their symbol for the Galactic Central Sun.
The Galactic Centre, our Galactic Sun ~ the Black Sun ~ is also called the Black Hole. It is the womb of Creation for this Galaxy. (This is to assuage those who wrote in about the term "Black Sun".)

I like this message from Laura Eisenhower. We really need this reminder.

Source: Laura Eisenhower

I wrote this in 2012 ~

In a sense, we have been raised by a Step-parent, not our true original Primordial Parents.

It is important that we don't blame our Ancestors who may have been swept up into their web, handing down their authority, programmings, belief systems, wounds or patterns, that fall short of what is really out there and what they have suppressed or silenced.

The voice of the Organic Creation struggles to whisper through the veil and into our Hearts.

If we blame anyone, then we are in separation and not in the Unified field and we are also owning what has been passed down and encouraged - which is all set up to keep us conquered and divided and stagnant.

Waking up begins with finding our True parents united in a Cosmic Dance and discovering that we were taken away by a jealous group of beings who knows our destiny and who wish to rob us of our inheritance and birthright, so that it can be their power and we can be their servants.

They are divorced from the Mother and have cast her away so we are raised by them and their modeling of an elitist mentality that creates imbalance, destruction, injustices, victims or agents of their dark ways.

This is a group who has spread their influence into the fabric of society, infiltrating where we might remember our true nature, so that we would never know that we were adopted, or taken in by this other force; a Step-parent that wishes to control us, who doesn't really love us, and wants us to forget and never know our Divine Nature, our real parents or our origins.

Some never let go of their true origins, but many did.

Now many are saying goodbye and calling back their power and remembrance of who they truly are.

Our Divine Mother seeded us with a blueprint of Sacred Union, that the Divine Masculine and Feminine represent in a double helix spiral, fully activated into Zero Point energy.

In Nature, the memories begin to stir and in Stillness one can start to recall, as the inner spark becomes illuminated, kundalini rising and the inner voice leads one into the depths of Soul, where Truth lives in connection to the Cosmic Dance and the Black Sun Mother Womb Portal into Infinite Love.

Now with all the damage they have done - they are afraid of her. The Creator and Destroyer and the Mother of All.

If we begin to awaken to her within, we will rise into our power and achieve victory - so great measures have been taken to keep this from happening.

All we need to do is remember what we are made of and where we are really from and then say goodbye to anything else that has ever stood in the way!

Take the risk and find and embody your true Home, be willing to say goodbye to the old...


  1. Thanks for the explanation Grace! I always think it's interesting to see a term like "Black Sun" pop up in a couple of different places at the same time. I know lots of folks think its a follow the leader senario. I always feel its synchronistic and for me, a huge message to pay attention. I love how you pulled it together here and gave me a direction and something recognizable from my own life experience. Thanks, you are doing such important work!♡sz

    1. You're most welcome :) I agree, I don't look at it as a follow the leader thing ~ they probably don't even know about each other!

      I like to think of it as tuning into the memo :) Morphogenetic field even, and most definitely Synchronicity! Blessings 💜