21 October 2018

Laura Eisenhower Update ~ 20 October 2018

What a brilliant way of describing out current state of transition ~ Puberty of Humanity! A wise update from Laura Eisenhower that we need to read.

Source: Laura Eisenhower

This energetic shift we are going through is like the puberty of humanity -- its got mood swings, it wants its way, it wants to be heard, but at the same time it is still underdeveloped and doesn't know how to handle the change.

The things it fights for may be irrational, cause it still doesn't yet see who it truly is, so it fights for something and takes sides, out of belief systems that aren't fully expanded into higher awareness (but yet it knows it all too well deep within).

We have to be Guardians here and hold the archetypal role of Mother and Father, guiding and encouraging this process without taking it all personally (which all parents have to do as well, when their kids are going through changes)...

These Wars between each other is duality holding tightly to peoples Consciousness, almost like an entity, but as one matures more and can start to see the larger picture, that entity falls away --- and so we then fight (actually strive) for what is real, organic and authentic, and that doesn't look like a battle, it is advancement that is an override frequency and it dismantles the artificial.

So even if it seems grim at times, put yourself in the position of a Guardian, see your parental role with the awakening in others who have formally been unconscious about what is starting to come to fruition --- and decide to not stoop to that level and feed into it or feel like a victim to it.

Many of us who are way-showers, may not have all the answers intellectually, but our Heart, patience and compassion speaks volumes and it speaks more profoundly than anything else and that is the missing link to creating Unity Consciousness.

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