29 October 2018

Light Body Process ~ Marco Lopor ~ 27 October 2018

Source: Marco Lopor

Hips calibration is almost done, from the right one the purging process moved to the left one, like in a simmetrical operation, but with softer discomfort comparing to before.

I strongly believe that the activation of the Light Body follows a precise scheme related to the Tree of Life applied to the Human Body.

In my personal experience, the surging comes after the purging starting from Upper Left Shoulder, then right one, then right lower back and consecutively left lower back.

You Can literally feel through these steps how the etherical is taking home in the physical.

On the Consciousness Level all these changes refer to the growing balance between femmine and masculine energies, finding Unity where there was a split between Heart and Mind.

Compassion and taking care of others are now combined with Strenght and Will Power, nothing can stop a Light Warrior with a Poet's soul.

This is indeed what you become after the process, the new "Homo Spiritualis", with a Crown chakra now being powerfully vitalized to provide access to the wisdom of the Soul and to the Collective wisdom.

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