31 October 2018

Make Peace ~ Marco Lopor ~ 30 October 2018

Source: Marco Lopor

You have to make peace with your human aspect, forgiving yourself for your reactions of the past, mostly created by expectations not meet.

It takes courage to face your demons and recognize your weak spots from where Darkness was manipulating your Consciousness.

It takes courage, after the healing, to speak your Truth even when your voice shakes and you are still afraid of what others can think about you, but when you follow your Heart without hesitation, then you are surrounded by an energy that supports you along the path.

Sometimes you need to experience pain in order to takes this courage, so that your voice could be heard and your need to be listened could be amplified.

At the end of the process everything comes into alignment.

You are resurrected, every aspect of your multidimensional Self finds Harmony.

Your fears are gone, your anxiety is dissolved, your DNA starts the Evolution process.

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