01 October 2018

Massive object next to the sun. Plus possible fleet of UFO'S ~ Blue Koolaid Oh Ya ~ 29 September 2018

This link was sent to me by a few people, so here it is. I haven't yet watched the whole thing (it is 46-minutes in length, after all....) but saw the above image in the first few minutes. Wow....

(Reminds me of Myunhauzen74 videos (yt channel here) ~ there are some new ones that also look interesting, suggesting heightened activity around our Sun.)

So I moseyed over to a couple of live data sites just to see what's happening, and saw the "No Data" thing again!
I'm not speculating anything, because I'm no expert at these things. 

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  1. "Blue Koolaid Oh Ya" (geez, such a nick ...) is like Myunhauzen74 on steroids. He compares all the footage from the different satellites and different frequencies, and also detects changes in fluctuations etc. A very diligent and dedicated detective.