04 October 2018

Message! October 10th/11th 2018 ~ Aluna Ash ~ 3 October 2018

I wasn't going to post this one-screen message from Aluna Ash (as mentioned before, I don't necessarily post everything from any one source), but felt curious about the phrase so I looked it up. After reading the definition from Wiki (here), I changed my mind, so here's the post:

There are specific DATES given.....so, we know what to do 😉

This message has been coming in for months now and the last two weeks it has been non-stop to the point where I can't go a day without hearing this several times and I'm hearing this clairaudiently and getting this telepathically WITH the Dates Oct 10th & 11th 2018

OCTOBER 10TH & 11TH 2018 "Moon under her feet...." i know where this comes from but i am getting this nonstop so im posting!

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