27 October 2018

New Earth 💜 End Of The 3rd Density Matrix ~ Aluna Ash ~ 26 October 2018

Here for the video message from Aluna Ash.

They already lost.. they are only playing out their pleasures as long as theyre able to..

Keeping collective in dual state keeps the physical vibration at a 3rd density and keeps the matrix in place. Without the dramas on the world stage, the system falls apart.

They are being removed from the 4th dimension and will no longer have control... vampiric consciousness.

They have been trying to take control of 5D. The window to end the time loop through timeline interestion *intersection* point is now.

This is a re-do of 13,000+ yrs ago. Atlantis.

All physical experiences shown plublically through media, politics, news are to re-enforce the physical 3d plane. They have taken control over all planets and chakras except the heart.

Gaia is the heart.. they want to link this planet up to all the other prison planets. Earth is key. Its the heart. The last planet taken over was Mars during Free Will experiment transfer and you were ALL there. Its all connected.

YOU have to start speaking. We have activations through our voice which activity others DNA blueprints triggering them to wake up. Share info.

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