02 October 2018

Not Twin Flame ~ Rick Jewers ~ 1 October 2018

I feel this message from Rick Jewers is important because I've come across many who thought they had found their Twin Flame but later realised (after a disastrous relationship in most cases) that they were mistaken. This is one reason I am very reluctant to post anything on Twin Flames because there is a lot of misinformation out there, as well as excessive focus on this issue, aided by heavy promotion by sources selling Twin Flame-related services.

Source: Rick Jewers

Very quickly,
What some of You have mistaken in the past as meeting Your TF because of the physical Heart feelings of heart expansion, heart glowing, heart swirling, etc, WAS ACTUALLY YOU MEETING A CATALYST.

A CATALYST at most times is NOT Your Twin, this is only the beginning of Your Kundalini and seat of Your Merkaba being ACTIVATED.

You align with Your REAL TWIN when You have COMPLETED the purity of Your energetic field, have the Light Body activated with Your vortex from the root chakra upwards online.

Contrary to myth, there is little Each TF Counterpart must REPAIR at the point of coming together. Your very OWN clearing, purging etc, prepares You for the Immaculate Union and ALLOWS for it to take place.

Love and Light
Rick Jewers

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