04 October 2018

Our Crystal Core ~ Lee Harris ~ 3 October 2018

Being spiritually connected is its own kind of food, energy and sustenance.

Source: Lee Harris

You have a crystal core that runs through you, just like a spine.

But instead of a spine that stops and starts in your body - this goes way above your head into the sky and way down below your hips into the ground.

This is your thread of connection to the Universe. It becomes activated like a spine in what some take as spontaneous Kundalini awakenings. Others take the more enjoyable slow road to get there.

The years you are on the planet right now call for a light warrior spine and that light warrior spine is an act of connection. It is no different to how you respond to exercise on your planet.

If you do not exercise for a week or two you will soon lose some of the stamina, tone and strength you have built, even if you are an athlete who has been doing this for years. So it is with your spiritual connection.

For those of you still unsure what that is - it is that which lights you up - practiced regularly. That which opens you out - practiced regularly. That which brings you peace - practiced regularly.

That spine can illuminate in a stronger way.

This is the path of the light warrior.

This is the time.

- From LIGHT WARRIOR - You are Needed and Now is Your Time

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