10 October 2018

As Above So Below ~ Tim Whild ~ 9 October 2018

Photo by www.martindolan.co.uk
Source: Tim Whild

On a personal level spiritual progress is unmistakable. One minute you are asleep cruising through your life in fourth gear and fully engaged in the details of survival on Earth, and the next moment your consciousness switches into fifth gear and everything changes. 

Depending on how you were woken up this experience will contain events that you will remember for the rest of your physical existence. Some souls already have a base level of spiritual awareness (which is very helpful) and others need to experience the ‘tearing down of the tower’ which usually involves a total life change. Many people experience both as the spiritual pathway requires a state of mind that is attuned to higher frequencies rather than the heavier vibrations of 3D. This only comes with hard work and dedication.

The spiritual progress of our planet is something that we are all discussing but how many have actually noted or documented the changes? It’s been (nearly) seven years since the Cosmic Moment and the honeymoon period is well and truly over. What has actually happened to Earth during that time?

Earth changes are a bit trickier to spot as we are incredibly involved with living our lives moment to moment...how we feel, how others are feeling, what the politicians are doing, what is outraging or scaring us and what is to become of our future. To make this whirlwind even faster time is speeding up or slowing down depending on our point of focus as it is no longer linear. 

Earth, Mother Earth or Gaia is already well on the way to establishing her 5D blueprint. The quantity of light that has been received here over the last ten years has been colossal and not a drop of this has been wasted. The old Ley Line system has been overlaid with the new golden Dragon Lines and work is proceeding well ahead of plan. 

Our job is to hold the light for Earth and for each other, and the changes around us will occur as a natural evolution to the higher frequencies here. People are beginning to stand up and speak their truth in all aspects of life. Medicine, politics, schooling, societal structures...everything that we knew in 3D that is still in place will evolve into a finely tuned mechanism that is supportive for life on Earth. If it isn’t then it will be removed as the previous structures can no longer sustain themselves in the new energy.

If the pace is starting to get a bit much for you (we all have rough days) then go outside and connect with Mother Earth. If you can, take your shoes off and allow your Earth Star chakra to align you with the 5D planetary harmonics. In this space nothing is out of alignment and you will immediately feel a sense of peace and restoration.

In the weeks to come the vibration will be steadily climbing to greet the light of the Winter Solstice, this is without doubt the most powerful event of our Earthly year. Keep your light high, your frequency clear and your manifestation sharp.

As Within So Without
As Above So Below.

Tim Whild

Photo by www.martindolan.co.uk

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