05 October 2018

Proxima Centauri's Galactic Blast

Credit: NRAO/AUI/NSF; D. Berry
In Season 29 Episode 18 of the Wisdom Teachings series ~ titled "An Imminent Warning from Proxima Centauri" ~ David Wilcock made a case of Proxima Centauri's "Solar Flash", providing evidence of a star undergoing tremendous and extreme changes through the massive charge of energies from the Galactic Sun (which originates from its own Great Central Sun).

David's intention was to demonstrate via Proxima Centauri that this process is indeed something that can happen, and will happen to our own Sun, a process he terms Solar Flash aka Galactic Sneeze / The Big Kahuna / The Big One / Galactic Superwave and so on.

My original intention was to provide a lot more information, including screenshots of slides that David used, but that will not be the case. I have already left this post for far too long (I had intended to get it done in August itself but plans seem to be making their merry way out the window very often this year) so I'll just mention the basics. At any rate, you all already know the mechanics and outline of this transformation 😉 I'm just highlighting the process, and bringing Light (pun intended) to the situation by mentioning it, for those who did not watch this particular episode.

This event occurred in March 2017. There was a smaller flare that preceded The Big One ~ this smaller flare lasted almost 2 minutes. When The Big One hit, Proxima Centauri exploded with Light, becoming 1000 times (!!) brighter in an immense burst that lasted ten seconds. This was visible to the naked eye.

Proxima Centauri experienced 23 large flares over the course of 2 years prior to The Big One.

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