03 October 2018

Rainbow Wave & Rainbow Sheath/Shield

Sometimes, I don't know if it's a Timeline thing, my memory, or just a mental thing (where I "do" something in my mind, and then not manifest it but think I already have).

Posting that update from Aluna Ash made me recall the "March Incident" (yet again), or The Event that, well, didn't. If you remember, Allison Coe's clients had seen visions of what they perceived to be The Event. Since then, I've learnt that there was indeed a massive wave of energies that engulfed our Planet in March, and this is what is now known as the Rainbow Wave. From what I can recall, Aluna Ash is one of the sources that mentioned this, with her and some of her viewers experiencing/seeing these energies.

I have, on several occasions, thought about this March Rainbow Wave. All along (after March) I had assumed I posted something related to it as well, although at that time I didn't even know it was a "wave", let alone being aware that it was called "Rainbow Wave". Well, I spent quite a bit of time looking for my own post about it....and it doesn't seem to exist!

I was so sure I had posted the photos, I was so certain of it....in my mind. Maybe it's there, lurking somewhere but I didn't spot it.

At any rate, I'm now posting a couple of photos I took on 25 March 2018. They are pictures I took of rainbows that appeared in a room, seemingly out of nowhere. I checked for all possible sources that could reflect those formations, but was unable to ascertain any. It wasn't even in my home ~ I was staying for a short while elsewhere at that time, at someone else's home.
I didn't "see" any energy wave aka Rainbow Wave at that time (admittedly, a couple of family members were going through major health issues at that time, and I really was just being like a walking zombie trying to deal with all the dense energies from day to day). Perhaps that was my Team's way of making me take notice, since I was basically running on alnost-empty at that time.

The Rainbows were all over the room, on the walls, closet, even ceiling. I applied an Auto-Fix on three of the photos to bring out the contrast.
That was back in March....it feels like another lifetime or timeline ago. Back to the present.....

During the September Equinox meditation, my focus again drifted off elsewhere instead of the guided instructions. This time, I saw with crystal clarity a massive Rainbow Sheath enveloping the entire Planet. What I understood was that this Rainbow Sheath originates from Humanity itself. This wasn't an energy wave from our Sun, the Central Sun or Great Central Sun. This Rainbow Sheath was one of the final pre-requisites that Humanity needed to "build" or manifest, in order for The Event to occur.

I don't really know the purpose of this Rainbow Sheath, but I can assure you it was a most moving and profound vision. I can only suspect or suggest that this sheath is protective in nature, providing a sort of buffer. It is also an accelerant, designed to quickly shift whatever it can when the time comes, quite likely Humanity's consciousness. It's like those who have high consciousness can energetically add to this Rainbow Sheath "pool", and when necessary, this energy "credit" will be utilised to narrow the gap between the  higher consciousness level and that of the lower consciousness level, where a portion of Humanity still resides. Sort of like a card up the Ascension Plan's sleeve, to be whipped out at the last possible moment if necessary. "Last possible moment" because each moment that passes is another notch up the Consciousness Scale ~ the higher we go, the better it is Event-wise.

A dear Soul also shared with me her own Rainbow experience during the Equinox period. She, too, saw what she called a Rainbow Shield completely covering the entire Planet, and was also moved by the vision.

Now that I'm done posting these photos, I feel a huge sense of relief ~ it's as if I needed to get this out.

Namaste and Blessings!

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