07 October 2018

Resurrection of the Human Being: The Second Coming of Christ ~ Marco Lopor ~ 6 October 2018

Source: Marco Lopor

Strong incoming waves from the Great Central Sun, highly charged particles redesign your electro-magnetic bodies, the brain's pathways are totally rewired, this is the real resurrection of the Human Beings, the second coming of Christ, if you Will.

The positive polarization takes place first thanks to those who have cleaned enough the Energetic Field, then affects also those unaware, like an antivirus spreads to fight the infections.

Balance and Harmony are required to keep high the impact of the new vibrational frequency, anchoring through your bodies into Gaia's grids.

You Will start to notice a complete recalibration of your reacting System. What was triggering you before, now makes only laughter.

You can now understand from an higher perspective why everything that has happened to you has brought you exactly where you are now.

To raise above You have to know what is below.

Keep Shining beautiful Souls !
We have already done this !

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