02 October 2018

Rick Jewers Update ~ 1 October 2018

Source: Rick Jewers

Over the last several days for many of You, sleep periods were extremely restless with many periods of kept waking up. This is important as We were reiterating/refreshing content for You, while in REM, to quickly bring it into the main data processing of the brain while in the active awake mode. This has been done in preparation to REFRESH the content to be delivered to the huge amounts of those Awakening.

You have been reiterated/reminded of the BASICS to readily and unhesitantly share with the Others Awakening NOW. At this time, even MORE OF YOU have become Teachers to Higher Degrees. There is no longer a "questioning" of One's self and the messages they are exponentially receiving. You are and will be given information beforehand through messages, of UPCOMING THEMES, which are areas You will be assisting a number of Others with, at the same time.

It is time to RECOGNIZE the cues and themes and to apply Your OWN perspectives of approach and delivery, it is MOST easy to follow the "INTUITION" aspect in this regard. It is strongest to act from feel, rather than from thought. The sensation of "feeling" is connected directly with the "Inner Knowing" and never needs to be questioned, nor be distracted by thought.

Many of You NOW HAVE INTEGRATED the brain/Heart pure connection, which also weeds out ANY QUESTIONING OF THE BRAIN.

INSECURITIES are fear based and they lower Your Divine connection , not only to You, but to Your Divine Magic as well. You have been prompted many times to Master these energies, so that they did NOT become hindrances and blocks to Your Divine Prowess. It is hindering to You, to directly attempt to influence "abundance", EVEN IF the intent is good. What happens when You attempt to increase abundance, You enter into YOUR MANIFESTATION a SELF CONTROL. At these levels, Most of You are NOT purified to Create a DIRECT ABUNDANCE THROUGH SELF CONTROL.

There is what You may call a "Universal Flow" that is DIVINELY in place to APPEASE any necessities One May have, each One of You MAY ACCESS THIS FLOW. The most efficient way to access the "flow" is to SURRENDER ALL CONTROL. THERE IS AN OVERALL DIVINE ENERGETIC PLAN that assures ALL to connect directly with, upon ALLOWING the Plan to dictate the flow, and relinquishing any fear-based control of Your present conditions. You actually Create a chaos for Yourself when You do NOT adhere to the Divine surrender, and get caught up in the imploding mechanisms Divinely in place to relieve wealth disparity and implement equal sharing.

The ONLY free will You have at this time, is administered through the overall Divine Plan, the more in line with the Divine Plan, the more free will. You are here to Teach and assist, at the minimum, You do this in part by leading by example, do You really wish to teach Your students the old, or to teach the New? The more virtuous and fearless One becomes, the stronger they are attached to the Divine Flow, where their wings grow bigger as well as the magical things.

Teach Your students that they ARE PROVIDED for through the Divine Flow upon complete surrender and trust. ALWAYS suggest for NEW students to TEST THIS, that way it is quickly accepted by them as FACT and NO other confirmations are necessary, for it takes them beyond the restrictive Human confines of "doubt", a fear-based energy.

There are to be NO restrictions upon Your Unity, continue to Unite knocking down All walls of separation, by supporting Each Other, sharing, building and further empowering You and Others. Face any ignorance as a Divine opportunity to spread awareness of positivity and virtue, and delivering a Divine Perspective.

Love and Light

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