03 October 2018

Rick Jewers Update ~ 2 October 2018

Source: Rick Jewers

We are getting deeper into the unraveling. The unraveling consists of exposing worldwide all of the puppet masters in a Human form that ran the show. Many of them are still here on the surface and are about to meet their complete demise. They know their time is up, that there is no redemption for them, and they still futilely attempt to throw wrenches in the overall Divine mechanics.

In their growing desperation, their less than insidious attempts are actually creating a blatant platform of all revealing and disclosure. A platform of which is most evident, to even a small Child, THIS INDICATES fully their submission to the Divine Plan and enforces the obvious, they LOST CONTROL.

Bridges between Divine Groups that have All been working on the same side of Light needs to be crossed at this time. Unity must and will be achieved by the Light upon the surface, where the Light Groups come together under the ONE common goal. The judgment and misconceptions of some groups and individuals in respect to Other Light Groups must vanish and be fully realized from aspect, that the goal is THE SAME. All want the good Divine Plan established upon the surface.

We are at the time, right NOW, where Higher perspective has been integrated individually within All Front liners of the Light. It is NOT difficult to drop the inferior beliefs and labels, such as "Crazy New Agers" or "Cultic Spirituality". It is time for You to bridge Your Own ignorance in this respect and fully innerstand what is happening upon the surface. Through Your judgment of other facets of Light, You actually disempower Yourself and allow for separation to remain, and Create an imaginary foe, when in actuality, You are All on the same side.

There is One large group of Light upon the surface that is Divinely bestowed with the Angelic Gifts and Prowess. This group works with the Light Magic and are the seed planters of events, without this group, things would have remained the same. This group contains the Creators, the Ones to actually reCreate the most favorable of timelines and events, there is NO foe near equal to them, they are the One's directly from the Omnipotent Godhead. We are here. Know Your Allies and drop preconceived notions that do not recognize the most powerful representation of Divinity in this NOW.

Thank You

Love and Light
Rick Jewers

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