06 October 2018

Shifts ~ Judith Kusel ~ 5 October 2018

Source: Judith Kusel

We are in for more shifts in the next few weeks.
I had an experience this morning, where I was releasing the collective trauma of persecution, with regards to Southern France.
When the release came, the shackles, bonds, and whatever else, fell off, as the Divine Feminine rose in her magnificence. It was so powerful, that I literally was floored. I was over-flowing with such deep, unconditional love and gratitude, and deep inner shifts.
As more and more of those chains, shackles come off, as we are freed, as the veils of amnesia are lifted, we will find moments of intense awe and gratitude.

This is the healing of the collective.

It is the healing of the deepest wounds of humanity at large.
The greatest of all shifts - and dimensional shifts as we rise in frequency bands with the planet, is now upon us. The old humanity is no more - the new humanity is rising!
What a time to be alive and well, and on planet earth!


Feel the changes, the shifts, deep inside of you.
Tsunami's, earthquakes, hurricanes of change.

Learn to dance on shifting sand, for indeed, the is the dance of fire.
The Ancients always predicted that that world would go through the fires of transmutation, as the next root race of men rises, as the earth is reborn.

(Judith Kusel)

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