22 October 2018

Temple of Silence ~ Summer Sun ~ 15 October 2018

Source: Işığa Çağrı

What you will read here is based on my communications with Pleiadians and information coming to me through my higher self. Please use your own discernment.

Can you feel the silence?

The Core Crystal of Earth has been deactivated. This crystal was connected to the ley line grid and this has caused the ley lines to stop generating energy. This has caused the plasma around Earth to get less charged with energy, allowing our Star Sisters and Brothers to be able to enter into our atmosphere.

Our siblings have agreed to end the accords that prevented them from contacting us. They are currently meeting to plan the process of Contact. Of course, they will start contacting first with indigenous people. Because these people still are connected to Gaia and rest of the universe more than all the others. Because these people were the ones who didn’t fall into the trap in Atlantis. These people stayed on the path of love and followed the goddess. While these details are decided, all legions of angels have come to earth to support the process of the end of this experience.

You can think of the Core Crystal of Earth like a CPU in a computer. The fact that the current core has been de-activated means that once the new core is activated, this reality will be governed with different rules. The new core will be connected to a different ley line grid. This new grid will be interacting with the holy people and the new grid will bring the New Earth.

Currently, some people around Earth have been going through intense downloads and realizations. These people are consuming more and more memory out of the reality super computer and therefore they are getting closer and closer to their ascension. Once they take control of their cards within this system, they will complete their ascension. These people are now finding each other and downloading necessary codes to each other by their contact. They represent a mandala of completion. Their union is represented in the famous work of Leonardo da Vinci, in the "Last Supper" painting. They will be the first wave of ascension. And they have done this before.

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