03 October 2018

That LOOK of Censorship ~ Schrödinger's ÖTHER Cat ~ 2 October 2018

And let's not forget Madonna & Child & Ship.... (image below)

Source: Schrödinger's ÖTHER Cat

Omigod! The sun is GONE! The Russians stole it! HRC and the dark ETs ate the sun! AIAIEE! RUN FOR THE FEMA CAMP KILL-TRAPS!!

Ok, ok. Let’s get to this. NASA has been about censorship from Day 1 (um, “moon landings”? astronauts murdered? UFOs not existing? etc.), so don’t expect them to change anytime soon. Or ever. (After The Event, NASA will simply cease to exist.) Basically, in the above Stereo A satellite image — a satellite that points directly at the sun — THEY TOOK OUT THE SUN. No, the sun didn’t vanish. NASA just edited it out, claiming “GLITCH” — but more importantly, they edited out all the SOURCE ships around the sun in a classic example of scientific censorship. Here’s what it may have looked like:

This is why Stereo B got axed about five years ago: it was grabbing shots like this. That ship, folks, is the size of Jupiter. Yow. Talk about showing off. Btw, don’t bother downloading Helioviewer if you don’t have it: they screwed with it and the latest download (intentionally?) doesn’t work. Convenient.
In NASA’s defense, they feel like they don’t have any choice, because they themselves have been lied to by other ca8al about ETs and their deadly evil green-slime-devouring-limb capabilities that they pee their pants whenever anything like this happens. No wonder they all broke and ran at that solar observatory: they’re conditioned to break and run, because they themselves are up to no good and fear the ET Hand of Retribution.

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