30 October 2018

That Topic and its Related Question Again....

This post is the result of some private communication with a few people in recent weeks, as well as a response to a comment on my blog. As events (and I really should avoid using this word) unfold chaotically around us and the energies coming in get more serious (as in "let's get serious"), our information-overload community is seeing even more messages popping out everywhere we look, talking about The Event. I know we are all on the same page here, where the term "The Event" means The Big One, as I like to call it.

There is a lot of angst and anxiety right now, even more than ever before as our emotions run high in tandem with the frequencies of the energies coming in. I would like to say something about the ever-present and almost-rhetoric question, "When?" As always, it's my opinion that I'm offering, not answers, not advice.
Some background is necessary, so that it paints the landscape upon which I will voice my opinions because it shows from where I'm coming, and why I have the perception I currently hold.

In the months leading up to 2012 December Solstice, the Lightworker community was inundated with information on how to prepare for The Shift into the Golden Age. We were told, repeatedly, that Life on Earth would change tremendously for the better. Many left their Soul-sapping 3D jobs because remaining in those situations would undoubtedly lower their vibrations, which in turn would render it difficult to go through The Shift. Some sold their houses, drastically down-sized and went off-grid to prepare. Some sources even encouraged the community to stop paying taxes and cease their loan repayments. A couple of sources even laid out the guidelines on what to do on the fateful day of The Shift, 21 December 2012 ~ that included just lying down in meditation and waiting for the transformation.

In a webinar a few months before the Solstice, a participant asked Sheldan Nidle's advice about the former's intention to give away his pension funds, since money is redundant after The Shift. To his credit, Sheldan told him to hold on to his money.

When the Solstice came and went without an apparent Shift, the community was stunned senseless into a shocked silence as it desperately scrambled for answers to address what had not taken place. As the screaming realisation began to quickly dawn, there was a frantic surge of activity as sources tried to explain the situation and the beleaguered community tried to recover. Many had to face the consequences of the "preparations" they had undertaken prior to the Solstice. A good number, deeply disgusted and totally bereft of faith, left the LW community and re-joined the 3D world. Tragically, I also knew about a couple of Lightworkers who took their own lives as the thought of plodding on in a Prison Planet environment was just too much to bear.

I went through all of that unfolding, pre- and post-Solstice. I had allowed myself to believe that indeed, The Shift was going to take place on the Solstice. Thankfully, at the same time, I was also open to information that suggested nothing spectacular would occur, at least on our physical plane. That meant I wasn't totally invested in the Solstice expectation. Invested enough to go along with the "flow", but thankfully not completely, which enabled me to bounce back pretty quickly and afforded me a perspective that has been serving me well since.

(At this point, I would like to clarify that the 2012 December Solstice WAS a significant marker in Mother Gaia's and our history ~ she made it to the "other side" and initiated a positive Ascension Timeline, and officially came under Cosmic protection, planet-wise.)
Today, every time I come across a date, or some claim that something is going to happen in a week, two weeks, next Friday or on the 31st, I can take it in without over-investment in the information. I can choose to dismiss it, follow up on it, conduct more research, or just accept it and place it at the back burner without hanging on to every detail. If I had followed the information with interest and the date comes and goes without anything happening, I don't get triggered, I don't wring my hands, I don't confront, I don't blame.

Am I being righteous? Not at all. I'm being protective, I'm being self-preserving. Preserving my sanity, protecting myself from falling into the trap of low vibrational frequencies.

Equally as important is the reminder I have for myself ~ that I had chosen to believe in the information. It wasn't forced upon me, the source didn't harass me to listen/read, no one pressured me to follow. If I had misplaced my trust or faith on some source that didn't deliver authentic information, the responsibility lies solely with me.

I'm not able to determine when The Event would take place, but I am able to choose how I react to information. How I respond is up to me, because after all, it's my choice, it's my Life.

Ultimately, it's up to me how I choose to live this Lifetime I'm having right now. Dark control mechanisms and programs and strong undercurrents aside, I can still walk my own path as much as possible.

I'd like to believe that I'm not here by accident. I'd like to believe that I have a role to play, some capacity to serve, and some purpose to fulfill, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem compared to the public Lightworker world stage. I am by no means perfect, or even anywhere decently near perfect, but I try to do my best as often as possible. I may not be able to make an impact anyone or anything, but for sure I can make an impact upon myself.

If I permit myself to be ensnared by blame, despair, divide and conquer, loss of hope, and stalling in my own spiritual evolution, I would be allowing the dark to win. I will do my utter best to refuse to let that happen. I try to remind myself that I'm here to help, and not hinder the Ascension process by indirectly assisting the dark.

Humanity is stirring from its eons-old deep slumber ~ I can see that clearly for myself even as I simultaneously acknowledge that there are pockets that are getting darker. If I call myself a Lightworker, then I'd jolly well better do Light work! And that certainly includes raising my own vibes and shining my Light as often as possible. Hey, I'm no saint ~ there are times I just "forget" and get really annoyed, calling some senseless driver "TWIT!!" when I'm driving, but then spend the next minute trying to work myself up the vibes scale again.

Worst-case scenario? No such thing as The Event but instead, an agonisingly slow Ascension crawl that may take generations. What then?

Well, I still owe it to my Self/Soul to ensure that I continue my spiritual evolution as best as I can, for the rest of my Life here on Earth. And then, when I cross over, I make darn sure I keep both my hands firmly locked at my side when they ask for "Volunteers".....

Bottom line: It's my Life, and I get to choose how I respond to what's around me.

Namaste and Blessings!


  1. Thank you for that! It felt like I was reading my deep-seated thoughts and I couldn’t have expressed it better ๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. Thank you for that! You were able to express exactly how I feel ��
    Sometimes I have a picture in my mind that I came to this “playground” like a kid, excited and so eager play the game and connect with others..., that after being tossed around, pushed to the ground, hit and fall hard again and again, you realize how insane it all is and that maybe I just don’t know how to play. Then you mature, regroup and make a choice - learn the rules and adapt or leave and preserve your sanity ( which I admit is quite a lonely journey). I still truly hope enough people will stop fueling this 3D nonsense and we will slowly start changing the rules of the game where we all can be safe

    1. Thank you for that apt analogy of the playground, and out-growing the need, Mylena :)

      I'm confident we will get "there", eventually. It's just that as a Collective, we would be able to speed things up so much more if we become aware of what we are doing.

      PS. I gather that you had issues trying to leave a comment. I apologise, that's a problem many encounter but it's not under my control.

  3. Thank you for writing this answer. What you write is answer for many who have deep problem with that. Still there is one thing, we try to find balance in our life between 3d,4d,5d buts its hard to meet and do some of spiritual work on such level that we hepl accelerate whole process of Ascension.

    For long time and on many sites I heard that we as surface population do not cooperate enough, that sometimes mass meditation amount of members was low, that LF decided to take longer road due to that etc. This for me lead into anxiety and pressure, that If I dont meditate on sunday and do more then I add my own brick to delay of ascension (Toplet, hentai tentacle etc.) But that taken more cost on 3d life and I could go with that for 3-4 years, abandon everything for Light. But now? I want only one thing from people I follow (mostly Cobra, Cats, Blossom) and that is are we gonna have Event in "near"future (max 2-3 years) or we slowly crawl or we make some kind of positive bloodlines for future generetion? whatever else? Just claryfication.

    I do ask question if "Divine" plan is delayed once, twice, etc, then after how many delays is it still "Divine" not just simple "plan"?

    I only want to know are we have short or long run? because if it is long run then I would addjust my life as much as possible to that (lesser amount of 5d more of 3d) but what if I do that and its short run? There is enough pain on this planet that I cannot tolerate (animals, people, poverty etc.) and I do not want to blame myself that I also helped in extending that experience. I am suspended and Im lashing out due to that.

    1. Sword, you are taking the whole world on your shoulders ~ that is a responsibility that no one should have! We can only do what we can, and I believe that as long as we do that and our intention is positive, we will make a huge difference.

      I don't think anyone will be able to give us 100% clarification whether The Event will unfold in the near future of years into the distance. So many dates have been offered, ranging from "end 2018 or 2019" to 2035. Like everyone else, I wish for The Event to happen TODAY!! But I also know that no single person/source knows such details.

      As for "Divine Plan"....I look at it this way ~ the Divine Plan is the Divine Plan. It's only the human sources (channels/contactees/messengers etc) that interpret this "Divine Plan" and give dates. I don't think the Divine Plan has a specific date. A period of time, yes but specific dates, no. I think the Divine Plan is more like a Critical Path, where certain processes need to occur before the next set of processes, then the next etc. Bearing in mind 100 years is generally considered a "short time" in celestial terms.

      No blaming anyone, not even yourself! :) We just do what we can, and that is enough. When we are OK with ourselves, we will positively affect the Collective. You have positively contributed to the Collective, and will continue to do so!

      Many Blessings

  4. Beautifully said. Finally a real light worker making sense . ๐Ÿ™

    1. Thank you, I'm deeply honoured ๐Ÿ’– Many Blessings

  5. Riveting post!!

    «I make darn sure I keep both my hands firmly locked at my side when they ask for "Volunteers".....»

    ROFL - I fully second that; in spite of their plan to draft us into super beings to keep the rest of the universe clean. No more stinky cave jobs, ever.

    1. I wouldn't want to wish these conditions upon my worst enemy, assuming I'm the vengeful sort....

  6. I hear you, me neither - feel hugged :)