25 October 2018

The Awakening ~ Marco Lopor ~ 24 October 2018

Source: Marco Lopor

It is simple to get lost in this 3D fractal holografic density, because your soul's memories were deleted when you took the human vessel as home for the earthly experience.

You came here in an environment subjected to strong frequency energetic control.

Everyone around you was thinking that it is normal to age and die, but you always had this inner knowing about the real reason, basically the Source Energy limited access.

Even if you were completely involved in all the 3D daily activities, there was always a deep feeling inside of not being at home, like a sensation of not being in the right place without knowing who you really were.

This is the most challenging part: you are like a normal person but inside you feel different because you are really sensitive and cannot understand how people can behave so ugly to each other and to consider normal to age and die.

Then you started to think that there was no hope for this world, so you have gone really deep into the Matrix and fallen in darkness.
In the lowest point you reached the zero, from there all possibilities existed based on your ability to raise your vibration following your Joy, your excitement, what sets your Soul on fire.

The awakening started, indeed, when you realized who you really are, a soul in a body, not a body with a soul.

The awakening could happen when you claimed back your Power and started to remember why you came here.

Your soul's memories start now to come finally back as well.

All that you really are is inside of you, not just this incarnation, I mean all the records of every experience made in this Galaxy and beyond.

You are now finally able to never get lost again because there are no more restrictions that apply to the stream of Source Energy in you.

You are whole, you are complete. You are One with Source.

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