03 October 2018

The Event ~ Adronis & Brad Johnson ~ 28 June 2017

Following a thread of research led me this video from Adronis/Brad Johnson from last year. For some reason, I checked my blog to confirm that I had posted this (because I distinctly remember watching it) but find that I haven't. Very strange. Anyway, here it is for those who haven't yet seen this. Perhaps it's just as well I'm posting this, since there seems to be an increased buzz of interest surrounding The Event.

I like the term Adronis uses for The Big One (that's what I call it) ~ The Big Kahuna.

Please listen here if you haven't yet come across this transmission.

  • Some notes (interesting mention of satellites):
  • There will be smaller energy waves leading up to The Big Kahuna, which will take us to shore
  • The Event = relates to dropping of all veils = profound changes
  • Satellites may become "inoperable" or drop out of orbit
  • Emergency broadcasts
  • Stresses inner/shadow work
  • Sun has transitioned from golden to white
  • Already 4D Consciousness-compliant Planet, our consciousness is 4D, our physical catching up with Mother Gaia  (but I would like to believe that 4D is transitionary)
  • 2017-2024 window for The Event, but this isn't etched in stone.

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