02 October 2018

The Event October 2018 ~ Aluna Ash ~ 1 October 2018

I will echo Aluna Ash and caution that you use Higher Guidance, please only listen if you feel guided to do so.

**Note 1: I find that the term "The Event" is sometimes used in a wider context, for example, an especially intense energy wave coming in. It may not necessarily mean "The Event" as specifically defined by sources such as Cobra.

** Note 2: In the video by Fleur Brun referenced by Aluna, the song played is titled "Thursday" by The Weekend.

Please listen to details here.

everything is just confirming what ive been getting for months but always trust your own inner knowing and what resonates.

White light.. shivers throughout the body. Brings in 4th density full transparency where you can see the ones that are sold or not sold completely this is why they've been pushing the cloning agenda and synthetic portals, for when these shifts take place and people can physically see that we have beings that are not connected to Source and feed off our energy. In my opinion.. the dark will scramble but the ones truly of light will be protected by their energy field from these waves & will watch the entities emerge.

What is unseen becomes seen. I don't watch many channels on YouTube because a lot of people just sharing other people's information but fluerbrun is definitely one who's receiving her Intel through her own vessel just as I am, and I resonate w her messages.

The event message she just posted on her yt channel resonates 100%


  1. On the one hand she keeps on stating that she does NOT know if The Event (the final crescendo) will happen in October and does not even know if happens any time real soon, with what she sees might be preparatory waves, on the other hand she DOES label the video title "The Event October 2018"..

    Wouldn't that be considered click bait by many? Which is beyond the question of resonating with something, or not?

    Others before her have been using this "if you don't resonate, don't watch" tactics before. Could that just be an evasion strategy to silent and smother any budding of critical thinking, trying to set herself above criticism?

    Still, I do resonate with this transmission, even though I unsubscribed from her channel after the stabbing drama, so thanks for sharing.

    1. My strategy, which works well for me (after some initial annoyance), is to follow a trail (someone, some source) until I no longer enjoy the trail. Then I quit. I've done that several times with sources whose information or guidance I found beneficial (and therefore share on my blog). Then when I start going huh? too often, I just quit and don't let it bother me anymore.

      I don't think your comment is impolite. But I feel to get peace of mind, perhaps just don't engage with the info at all. That's what I do when I have issues with sources.

      PS. I recently dropped one source whom I have followed, then stopped, then resumed after a long while, then followed for few months, and now stopped again because I think she's gone off track. My opinion only, of course.

  2. PS: not even Cobra dares to make such bold statement.

    I wish she does not end up being another "Enlightened Master" Ibrahim Hassan/ Sophia Love/ Sheldan Nidle/ James McConnell, etc. With video titles like this which are clearly ego-driven she does go down that path potentially, however, which would be sad.

  3. PS2: was I diplomatic enough to her? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8ZIPy4vXKI&lc=UgzofeS5gF--e47bA4h4AaABAg (first comment under her video)