01 October 2018

The Good News ~ Laura Eisenhower ~ 30 September 2018

Source: Laura Eisenhower

~ And the Good News is....

-- We have unbelievable potential that we are still learning to tap into. It can't be destroyed, it can only go dormant and whatever gets damaged can be healed.

-- Our DNA holds Avatar/Christ Consciousness and it is for all of us to discover and activate...

-- We can only allow ourselves to believe we are less than, but have to forgive where we were too young to know how to choose our full awareness and understanding of our true self, over conditioned belief systems that were opposed on us.

-- It is only us that can give our power away to a Vampiric system that relies on our energy.

-- Damage can happen to my layers of us, but the regenerative power of Nature can repair it all and it starts with Consciousness and energy and our willingness to let it be stimulated by Truth and what it means to be a Divine being of Love and Wisdom.

-- Every single one of us has access to Liberation... Zero point/Unified field. The synchronicities and magic switch on when we simply devote ourselves to who we are truly made of, and it is more achievable when we are willing to divorce ourselves from all Impostors.... Just that statement alone, allows Universal energies to make it so...

-- We are living manifestations of Spirit and Gaia and Ego is where our choices can lead us astray -it does best that our Ego is in alignment to Spirit and Gaia!

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