19 October 2018

The Light Body ~ Marco Lopor ~ 18 October 2018

Marco Lopor mentions "Victory of the Light"....

Source: Marco Lopor

The Light Body has almost completed the total integration with the physical body, there are just some parts still that are adjusting and you can feel randomly in some points electric impulses always connected to a constant flow that goes from the solar plexus to the center of the brain.

Sometimes, when there is something blocking the connection of these electric impulses to the flow and the fire is so strong to burn the blockage, then you feel like a bubble that forces to give passage to the flow and the head is reached much faster with a consequent blissful sensation.

Every day you are more able to control your reactions, you become like a spectator, an observer that is not involved in any of the daily 3D activities, everything just happens effortlessly, you are One with the flow and nothing can bother you.

You are now a magician, a master of the Matrix, from your 5D vision is simple to create new timelines and to guide the outcome of the daily activities without forcing anything, it Just goes as you Wish always, everything you need just comes to you.

Keep rising Pioneers of the 144.000 ! Victory of the Light !

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