02 October 2018

The Omniverse: The Final Frontier ~ Schrödinger's ÖTHER Cat ~ 1 October 2018

Trekkers would love this! Thanks, SOC! And oh, yes ~ the Spheres....this time, thanks to Alkesh/Amun from Galactis (this before Sphere Being Alliance), image at bottom of post.

Source: Schrödinger's ÖTHER Cat

Well, we said we had a surprise for you. You’re gonna love what’s coming: Your future is already in progress.

But first, a question: What is the ultimate outcome for all of us at this moment in time? It’s simple: raising the human race to a Universal level of awareness. To be the brothers of our omniversal neighbors — equals, not slaves or subordinates. And after that…

The Omniverse: The Final Frontier.

(Actually , SOURCE is the Final Frontier, but that’s a different inspirational poster.)

We’re not sure when this will happen, but — if you choose to do so — you will be tasked with learning and growing while being SOURCE ambassadors and explorers of the Omniverse. We’re totally serious. You will help create Starfleet Academy, to be based on the New Earth [or whatever name we choose for the New Earth: Terra?]. Then, you will go on missions; explore strange new universes. You will seek out new lives and new civilizations. You will boldly go where no one has gone before. YOU will be in the crew of the Starship Enterprise. Then you will come back and teach at Starfleet Academy.

Please read on....

Alkesh/Amun ~ Galactis

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