24 October 2018

Timeline Thing?....

Doctor Who
This is my opinion only, so please take it (or not) how you will :)

I felt that there was a Timeline "glitch" that occurred sometime in the past hours. A teensy weensy "reset" occurred. "Glitch" isn't the most appropriate word to use, because this was "intentional", while "glitch" suggests something that was unintended. So maybe I should say "engineered correction".

It wasn't a Timeline "wobble", because I didn't feel that I lost my footing, energetically. It was more of a Timeline very-mini-Reset of some sort. I felt that I had no "ground" to anchor myself, energetically. Like I was neither here nor there for several hours while the Timeline Thing was being "tweaked".

Again, my opinion only.

Namaste and Blessings!

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