25 October 2018

True Power ~ Marco Lopor ~ 25 October 2018

Source: Marco Lopor

Your True Power resides in a quiet and perpetually still Mind, the clarity you seek is not reachable without controlling your thoughts.

The Ego works with the lower Mind using surviving patterns that sabotage any development of the higher Consciousness.

In this process your effort is needed, your Will Power is tested and your Strenght becomes the only available tool to overcome the sabotage.

The First step is to stop the identification with the labyrinthic thoughts and start to allow in your Mind only those that come from your Heart, observe them and reclaim your Power back.

The Heart Portal Will start to expand infinitely, because the higher Consciousness and this portal work together to bring Harmony and Peace in your Energetic field.

The Evolutionary Process called Ascension involves the activation of the right settings in the Mental and Emotional body, in order to create the conditions for the physical body to Shift the molecular structure from carbon to silicon.

Look at the two elements in the Periodic Table and you Will understand how Evolution works.

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