19 October 2018

(Un)Related (?) SR Reading

Space Observing System
Those hours, as far as I'm concerned, coincided with my feeling of being really out of phase with "reality". I spent most of yesterday being unable to connect with anything much, and generally tried to be on autopilot most of the time so that I could function, as I had to interact with others for much of the day.

While I feel that these SR readings do not actually register the "new" energy frequencies coming in, they are affected in some way ~ because everything is connected ~ and that's what we see sometimes. There are also times when the subtle energies are not picked up at all but we most definitely feel them. As I've mentioned before, the current equipment and readers are not really able to detect these new frequencies, so sometimes these devices just pick up whatever related "disturbances" they can register. I'm not stating this as fact, it's what I believe. Sort of like the first generation mobile phones are not able to access the Internet ~ the Internet is there, but the phone isn't able to access (detect) it.

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